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New Update:
support cell image 新增cell 图片 支持, 新增 detailText

DOPDropDownMenu 添加双列表 优化版 (double tableView, The optimization version )

首先 感谢 DOPDropDownMenu 作者的无私奉献和允许,


First, I would like to thank the author of the DOPDropDownMenu for their selfless dedication.

This enhanced version includes beautiful improvements to the interface, double tableview capability, optimized code, and improved stability. Enjoy!


pod 'DOPDropDownMenu-Enhanced', '~> 1.0.0'


image image


#pragma mark - data source protocol
@class DOPDropDownMenu;

@protocol DOPDropDownMenuDataSource <NSObject>


 *  返回 menu 第column列有多少行
- (NSInteger)menu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu numberOfRowsInColumn:(NSInteger)column;

 *  返回 menu 第column列 每行title
- (NSString *)menu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu titleForRowAtIndexPath:(DOPIndexPath *)indexPath;

 *  返回 menu 有多少列 ,默认1列
- (NSInteger)numberOfColumnsInMenu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu;

// 新增  返回 menu 第column列 每行image
- (NSString *)menu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu imageNameForRowAtIndexPath:(DOPIndexPath *)indexPath;

// 新增 detailText ,right text
- (NSString *)menu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu detailTextForRowAtIndexPath:(DOPIndexPath *)indexPath;

/** 新增
 *  当有column列 row 行 返回有多少个item ,如果>0,说明有二级列表 ,=0 没有二级列表
 *  如果都没有可以不实现该协议
- (NSInteger)menu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu numberOfItemsInRow:(NSInteger)row column:(NSInteger)column;

/** 新增
 *  当有column列 row 行 item项 title
 *  如果都没有可以不实现该协议
- (NSString *)menu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu titleForItemsInRowAtIndexPath:(DOPIndexPath *)indexPath;

// 新增 当有column列 row 行 item项 image
- (NSString *)menu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu imageNameForItemsInRowAtIndexPath:(DOPIndexPath *)indexPath;

// 新增
- (NSString *)menu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu detailTextForItemsInRowAtIndexPath:(DOPIndexPath *)indexPath;


#pragma mark - delegate
@protocol DOPDropDownMenuDelegate <NSObject>
 *  点击代理,点击了第column 第row 或者item项,如果 item >=0
- (void)menu:(DOPDropDownMenu *)menu didSelectRowAtIndexPath:(DOPIndexPath *)indexPath;
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