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Python-based interactive assembler/disassembler CLI, powered by Keystone/Capstone.

Why did you make this?

I wanted to quickly view some opcodes with metasm-shell.rb, but I didn't have a Metasploit install handy. I didn't really want to mess around with Ruby either, so I figured that writing my own replacement was a good excuse to play with Keystone and Capstone.

How do I install it?

pip install chiasm-shell
# OR
mkvirtualenv chiasm-shell # optional
git clone
cd chiasm-shell
python install # assumes you have Capstone and Keystone 
                        # build toolchains installed, which includes CMake.

How do I run it?

# or, from the repo base directory:
python -m chiasm_shell.chiasm_shell

How do I use it?

  • When the prompt is asm>, you're using the interactive assembler backend (Keystone).
    • Input one or more assembly statements separated by a semi-colon. x86 uses Intel syntax only at the moment.
  • When the prompt is disasm>, you're using the interactive disassembler backend (Capstone).
    • Input one or more bytes represented by \xXX, where XX is a hex value.
  • To switch backends, use switch asm or switch disasm.
  • To change architecture, use setarch <arch> <mode(s)>.
    • e.g. setarch x86 64.
    • You can use more than one mode, separated by spaces.
    • Use lsarch and lsmode to view supported architectures and modes for the current backend
    • At the moment, you need to know what modes are relevant to each architecture - check the Keystone/Capstone source if you're not sure.
  • Type help to see a list of commands; help <cmd> to see the docstring for cmd.

Example usages

asm> inc eax; xor ebx, ebx
disasm> \x40\x31\xdb
0x1000: inc     eax
0x1001: xor     ebx, ebx

It's broken/I have a suggestion/etc.

Please get in touch/raise an issue/PR/etc!

Known Issues

  • None at this time.


  • Syntax highlighting and/or tab completion for assembly
  • Intelligent mode selection
  • Support different input/output formats
  • Test suite

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