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Glances 15,112
Glances an Eye on your system. A top/htop alternative for GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac OS and Windows operating systems.
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Playframework 11,526
Play Framework
Okhttp Okgo 9,829
OkGo - 3.0 震撼来袭,该库是基于 Http 协议,封装了 OkHttp 的网络请求框架,比 Retrofit 更简单易用,支持 RxJava,RxJava2,支持自定义缓存,支持批量断点下载管理和批量上传管理功能
Spring Boot Api Project Seed 5,877
🌱🚀一个基于Spring Boot & MyBatis的种子项目,用于快速构建中小型API、RESTful API项目~
Blade 5,196
🚀 Lightning fast and elegant mvc framework for Java8
Restful Api Design References 4,311
RESTful API 设计参考文献列表,可帮助你更加彻底的了解REST风格的接口设计。
Nohttp 3,682
🍋 Android实现Http标准协议框架,支持多种缓存模式,底层可动态切换OkHttp、URLConnection。
Sofa Rpc 3,020
SOFARPC is a high-performance, high-extensibility, production-level Java RPC framework.
Php Curl Class 2,466
PHP Curl Class makes it easy to send HTTP requests and integrate with web APIs
Php Crud Api 2,325
Single file PHP script that adds a REST API to a SQL database
Flight 2,186
An extensible micro-framework for PHP
Flask Restplus 2,185
Fully featured framework for fast, easy and documented API development with Flask
Tipe 2,017
🎉 Next Generation API-first CMS for developers. Generate an API-first CMS from a GraphQL schema with offline prototyping and an inline editor
Flasgger 1,962
Easy OpenAPI specs and Swagger UI for your Flask API
Ninja 1,868
Ninja is a full stack web framework for Java. Rock solid, fast and super productive.
Sqler 1,839
write APIs using direct SQL queries with no hassle, let's rethink about SQL
Nuster 1,541
A high performance HTTP proxy cache server and RESTful NoSQL cache server based on HAProxy
Rapidoid 1,486
Rapidoid - Extremely Fast, Simple and Powerful Java Web Framework and HTTP Server!
Go Chassis 1,430
a microservice framework for rapid development of micro services in Go with rich eco-system 1,268
🆒 My personal website and blog, powered by @nuxt
Resty 1,263
The minimalist framework of RESTful(server and client) - Resty
Spring Boot Shiro 1,234
Shiro基于SpringBoot +JWT搭建简单的restful服务
Phalapi 1,210
接口,从简单开始!PhalApi简称π框架,一个轻量级PHP开源接口框架,专注于接口服务开发,支持HTTP/SOAP/RPC协议,拥有自动生成的在线文档、多种开发语言的客户端SDK包以及可重用的扩展类库,可用于快速搭建微服务、RESTful接口或Web Services。助你创造价值!
Restful Api Guidelines 1,189
A model set of guidelines for RESTful APIs and Events, created by Zalando
Restbed 1,162
Corvusoft's Restbed framework brings asynchronous RESTful functionality to C++11 applications.
Awesome Http Benchmark 1,146
HTTP(S) benchmark tools, testing/debugging, & restAPI (RESTful)
Jeeplatform 1,107
一款企业信息化开发基础平台,拟集成OA(办公自动化)、SCM(供应链系统)、ERP(企业资源管理系统)、CMS(内容管理系统)、CRM(客户关系管理系统)等企业系统的通用业务功能 JeePlatform项目是一款以Spring Framework为核心框架,集ORM框架Mybatis,Web层框架SpringMVC和多种开源组件框架而成的一款通用基础平台,代码已经捐赠给开源中国社区
Golang Gin Realworld Example App 1,044
Exemplary real world application built with Golang + Gin
Translation Spring Mvc 4 Documentation 1,040
Spring MVC 4.2.4 RELEASE 中文文档完整翻译稿
Httplive 1,035
HTTP Request & Response Service, Mock HTTP
Webapiclient 987
An open source project based on the HttpClient. You only need to define the c# interface and modify the related features to invoke the client library of the remote http interface asynchronously.
Github Monitor 884
Github Sensitive Information Leakage Monitor(Github信息泄漏监控系统)
Tigo 883
Tigo is an HTTP web framework written in Go (Golang).It features a Tornado-like API with better performance. Tigo是一款用Go语言开发的web应用框架,API特性类似于Tornado并且拥有比Tornado更好的性能。
Thinkphp5 Restfulapi 862
restful-api风格接口 APP接口 APP接口权限 oauth2.0 接口版本管理 接口鉴权
Lor 859
a fast, minimalist web framework for lua based on OpenResty
Tns Restful Json Api 827
This is the code repository that goes along with the "TheNewStack" article for RESTful JSON API post
Blink 819
A high performance web framework and application server in PHP.
Booktype 766
Booktype is a free, open source platform that produces beautiful, engaging books formatted for print, Amazon, iBooks and almost any ereader within minutes.
Ngx Restangular 760
Restangular for Angular 2 and higher versions
Apidoc 735
RESTful API 文档生成工具,支持 Go、Java、Swift、JavaScript、Rust、PHP、Python 和 Ruby 等大部分语言。
Go Base 705
Go RESTful API Boilerplate with JWT Authentication backed by PostgreSQL
Nodeapi 676
Simple RESTful API implementation on Node.js + MongoDB.
X Springboot 653
Actframework 633
An easy to use Java MVC server stack
Easyweb Jwt 611
基于 SpringBoot、jwt和JwtPermission实现的前后端分离开发框架,接口遵循RESTful风格。
Phpboot 609
☕️ 🚀 tiny & fast PHP framework for building Microservices/RESTful APIs, with useful features: IOC, Hook, ORM, RPC, Swagger, Annotation, Parameters binding, Validation, etc.
Koa2 Api Scaffold 599
一个基于Koa2的轻量级RESTful API Server脚手架。
Nakadi 586
A distributed event bus that implements a RESTful API abstraction on top of Kafka-like queues
Perfect Ssm 567
🍇更完善的Spring+SpringMVC+Mybatis+easyUI后台管理系统(RESTful API+redis)
Nodepress 556
😎 RESTful API service for Blog/CMS, powered by @nestjs
Ulfius 519
Web Framework to build REST APIs, Webservices or any HTTP endpoint in C language. Can stream large amount of data, integrate JSON data with Jansson, and create websocket services
Rest Api Design Guide 516
NBB's REST-ish API Design Guide
Rest Admin 464
Restful Admin Dashboard Based on Vue and Boostrap 4
Delphimvcframework 457
DMVCFramework (for short) is a popular and powerful framework for web solution in Delphi. Supports RESTful and JSON-RPC APIs development.
Gen 411
Converts a database into gorm structs and RESTful api
Api 397
Directus Database API — Wraps Custom SQL Databases with a REST/GraphQL API
Jackblog Api Express 392
Jackblog API Server Express版, 个人博客系统, 基于RESTful架构, 使用Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Redis, Token Auth, 七牛云存储等.
Highdsa 352
Felix 345
More Friendly SSH Jumper Bastion Fortress Server
Koa Rest Api Boilerplate 342
💯 Boilerplate for Node.js Koa RESTful API application with Docker, Swagger, Jest, CodeCov and CircleCI
Restspringmvcdemo 334
RestSpringMVCDemo项目是一个基于Spring的符合REST风格的项目,具有MVC分层结构并实现前后端分离。该项目体现了一个具有REST风格项目的基本特征,即具有统一响应结构、 前后台数据流转机制(HTTP消息与Java对象的互相转化机制)、统一的异常处理机制、参数验证机制、Cors跨域请求机制以及鉴权机制。
Typescript Rest 322
This is a lightweight annotation-based expressjs extension for typescript.
Backend Series 319
📚 服务端开发实践与工程架构,服务端基础篇 | 微服务与云原生篇 | Spring 篇 | Node.js 篇 | DevOps 篇 | 信息安全与渗透测试篇
Jackblog Api Koa 305
Jackblog API Server Koa 版, 个人博客系统, 基于RESTful架构, 使用Node.js, Koa, MongoDB, Redis, Token Auth, 七牛云存储等.
Rest Api Response Format 267
REST API response format using HTTP status codes
Malsub 265
A Python RESTful API framework for online malware analysis and threat intelligence services.
Restool 256
RESTool is an open source UI tool for managing RESTful APIs. It could save you time developing your own internal tools. A live example:
Restful Doom 246
HTTP+JSON API hosted inside the 1993 DOOM engine!
Hasor 244
Java 应用开发框架
Jersey 2.x User Guide 229
Jersey 2.x User Guide《Jersey 2.x 用户指南》 ,中文翻译
Http Fake Backend 222
Build a fake backend by providing the content of JSON files or JavaScript objects through configurable routes.
Jaguar 218
Jaguar, a server framework built for speed, simplicity and extensible. ORM, Session, Authentication & Authorization, OAuth
Nohttprxutils 209
🐠 本库是一款Android-Http标准协议网络通讯框架,基于RxJava+NoHttp封装。支持文件上传和断点续传、文件下载和断点下载、Http协议和Https协议队列网络请求、网络请求轮询。
Django Oscar Api 204
RESTful JSON API for django-oscar
Libhv 196
Like libevent, libev, and libuv, libhv provides event-loop with non-blocking IO and timer, but simpler apis and richer protocols.
Blogbackendproject 193
Backend code for my blogs, develop with Django Rest framework.
Ana 191
Super fast and minimalist framework for building REST micro-services.
Tutorial 188
Spring Boot的例子,包含RESTful API, MVC, JMS, Cache, Mybatis, Cache, Websocket...
Flask Restx 184
Fork of Flask-RESTPlus: Fully featured framework for fast, easy and documented API development with Flask
Wok 183
A cherrypy framework for multi-purpose plug-ins
Rest Crud 180
RESTFul CRUD Example with Node.js and Mysql
Micro Server Own 178
基于SpringCloud 的微服务,订单,支付,商场(活动),工作流,用户,短信,极光
Tourism Demo 175
Flutter app backed by Redux, shows animations, internationalization (i18n), ClipPath, fonts and others...
Mxisd 173
Federated Matrix Identity Server
Jax Rs Performance Comparison 172
⚡️ Performance Comparison of Jax-RS implementations and embedded containers
Lanblog 170
懒人博客,前后端分离,Vue+Beego Restful api 开箱即用,部署简单,后台管理系统简洁美观。
The Rest Architectural Style 159
An article on the REST architecture style.
Go Relax 156
Framework for building RESTful API's in Go
Go Api Boilerplate 156
Go Server/API boilerplate using best practices DDD CQRS ES gRPC
5gc_apis 148
RESTful APIs of main Network Functions in the 3GPP 5G Core Network
Eddi 146
Scalable Open Source Chatbot Platform. Build multiple Chatbots with NLP, Behavior Rules, API Connector, Templating. Developed in Java, provided with Docker, orchestrated with Kubernetes or Openshift.
Crown 138
Based on SpringBoot2, Crown builds a rapidly developed web application scaffolding.
Ssm Cluster 136
Koa Restful Boilerplate 135
Koa 2 RESTful API boilerplate
Nodejs Master Class 134
🛠 This repository contains the homework assignment for Node.js Master Class that is focused on building a RESTful API, web app GUI, and a CLI in plain Node JS with no NPM or 3rd-party libraries
Snorlax 132
A lightweight REST client that gives you full control of your resources
Cmdb 127
CMDB: As far as possible to achieve more universal configuration and management of IT resources, demo:
Vue Chimera 126
VueJS RESTful client with reactive resources and endpoints.
Skill6 Website Backend 125
java进阶开发,高级版web项目。基于dubbo实现分布式微服务架构,基于spring boot、spring mvc、mybatis、docker、ELK、redis、vue.js、node.js等技术实现的技术分享交流网站。网站名称:技术流,英文名:skill6。主要功能有:登录注册、单点登录、restful设计、文章及评论、代码及资源下载、主题讨论等。持续更新中...
Yii2 Swagger 124
yii2 with swagger-php
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