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The Top 14 Nosql Databases Open Source Projects

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Ssdb 6,637
SSDB - A fast NoSQL database, an alternative to Redis
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Pika 3,360
Pika is a nosql compatible with redis, it is developed by Qihoo's DBA and infrastructure team
Ravendb 2,390
ACID Document Database
Nosqlmap 1,284
Automated NoSQL database enumeration and web application exploitation tool.
Unqlite 1,122
An Embedded NoSQL, Transactional Database Engine
Djongo 814
Django and MongoDB database connector
Fastonosql 629
FastoNoSQL is a crossplatform Redis, Memcached, SSDB, LevelDB, RocksDB, UnQLite, LMDB, ForestDB, Pika, Dynomite, KeyDB GUI management tool.
Python Arango 278
Python Driver for ArangoDB
Neo4j Ogm 234
Java Object-Graph Mapping Library for Neo4j
Sleekdb 156
NoSQL Database implementation in pure PHP
Pyarango 132
Python Driver for ArangoDB with built-in validation
Jnosql 127
Eclipse JNoSQL is a framework which has the goal to help Java developers to create Jakarta EE applications with NoSQL.
Awesome Nosql Guides 84
💻 Curated list of awesome resources and links about using NoSQL databases
Nsdb 44
Natural Series Database
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