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A flexible level editor
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Levelup 3,677
A wrapper for abstract-leveldown compliant stores, for Node.js and browsers.
Level 876
Fast & simple storage. A Node.js-style LevelDB wrapper for Node.js, Electron and browsers.
Level Js 449
An abstract-leveldown compliant store on top of IndexedDB.
Memdown 244
In-memory abstract-leveldown store for Node.js and browsers.
Awesome 130
An open list of awesome Level modules and resources.
Party 117
Open a leveldb handle multiple times
Rocksdb 115
Pure C++ Node.js RocksDB binding. An abstract-leveldown compliant store.
Cadeditor 111
NES Universal Level Editor (Chip & Dale, Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, Duck Tales 2, MegaMan 4, Chip & Dale 2, Tale Spin, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, Flintstones and many others)
Level Rocksdb 108
A convenience package bundling levelup and rocksdb.
Electron Demo 77
Demo app loading LevelDB into an Electron context.
Level Browserify 63
No longer maintained: superseded by level v5.0.0.
Multileveldown 46
multilevel implemented using leveldowns with reconnect support
Pathwar 29
☠️ The Pathwar Project ☠️
Community 23
General discussion, cross-repo efforts and common information for projects in the community.
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