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The Top 301 Carthage Open Source Projects

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Alamofire 32,486
Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift
Sdwebimage 22,178
Asynchronous image downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category
Open Source Ios Apps 21,735
📱 Collaborative List of Open-Source iOS Apps
Swiftyjson 19,144
The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift.
Carthage 13,353
A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa
Svprogresshud 11,933
A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your iOS and tvOS app.
Cocoalumberjack 11,678
A fast & simple, yet powerful & flexible logging framework for Mac and iOS
Eureka 10,373
Elegant iOS form builder in Swift
Nvactivityindicatorview 8,870
A collection of awesome loading animations
Quick 8,490
The Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework.
Fscalendar 8,479
A fully customizable iOS calendar library, compatible with Objective-C and Swift
Skeletonview 8,353
☠️ An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents he is waiting
Swifterswift 7,890
A handy collection of more than 500 native Swift extensions to boost your productivity.
Jvfloatlabeledtextfield 7,030
UITextField subclass with floating labels - inspired by Matt D. Smith's design:
Xlpagertabstrip 6,164
Android PagerTabStrip for iOS.
Jlroutes 5,178
URL routing library for iOS with a simple block-based API
Sidemenu 4,159
Simple side/slide menu control for iOS, no code necessary! Lots of customization. Add it to your project in 5 minutes or less.
Json Framework 3,780
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a light-weight data interchange format that's easy to read and write for humans and computers alike. This framework implements a strict JSON parser and generator in Objective-C.
Foldingtabbar.ios 3,682
Folding Tab Bar and Tab Bar Controller
Coding Ios 3,681
CODING iOS 客户端源代码
Xcglogger 3,411
A debug log framework for use in Swift projects. Allows you to log details to the console (and optionally a file), just like you would have with NSLog() or print(), but with additional information, such as the date, function name, filename and line number.
Sclalertview 3,344
Beautiful animated Alert View. Written in Objective-C
Siren 3,326
Notify users when a new version of your app is available and prompt them to upgrade.
Cocoadebug 3,302
🚀 iOS Debugging Tool
Persei 3,222
Animated top menu for UITableView / UICollectionView / UIScrollView written in Swift
Xlactioncontroller 3,035
Fully customizable and extensible action sheet controller written in Swift
Stevia 2,860
🍃 Healthy Autolayout Sugar
Realreachability 2,851
We need to observe the REAL reachability of network. That's what RealReachability do.
Faceaware 2,808
An extension that gives UIImageView the ability to focus on faces within an image.
Netfox 2,780
A lightweight, one line setup, iOS / OSX network debugging library! 🦊
Ezswiftextensions 2,755
😏 How Swift standard types and classes were supposed to work.
Gemini 2,733
Gemini is rich scroll based animation framework for iOS, written in Swift.
Jgprogresshud 2,699
An elegant and simple progress HUD for iOS and tvOS, compatible with Swift and ObjC.
Harpy 2,630
Notify users when a new version of your app is available and prompt them to upgrade.
Fusuma 2,379
Instagram-like photo browser and a camera feature with a few line of code in Swift.
Sync 2,369
JSON to Core Data and back. Swift Core Data Sync.
Gifu 2,312
High-performance animated GIF support for iOS in Swift
Corestore 2,306
Unleashing the real power of Core Data with the elegance and safety of Swift
Pincache 2,244
Fast, non-deadlocking parallel object cache for iOS, tvOS and OS X
Segmentio 2,013
Animated top/bottom segmented control written in Swift.
Pulltomakesoup 1,903
Custom animated pull-to-refresh that can be easily added to UIScrollView
Parchment 1,833
A paging view controller with a highly customizable menu ✨
Bluetoothkit 1,820
Easily communicate between iOS/OSX devices using BLE
Heapinspector For Ios 1,774
Find memory issues & leaks in your iOS app without instruments
Whatsnewkit 1,750
Showcase your awesome new app features 📱
Lgsidemenucontroller 1,731
iOS view controller, shows left and right views by pressing button or gesture
Sffocusviewlayout 1,724
UICollectionViewLayout with focused content
Ktvhttpcache 1,699
A powerful media cache framework.
Closures 1,587
Swifty closures for UIKit and Foundation
Randomkit 1,428
Random data generation in Swift
Bmplayer 1,414
A video player for iOS, based on AVPlayer, support the horizontal, vertical screen. support adjust volume, brightness and seek by slide, support subtitles.
Pinlayout 1,382
Fast Swift Views layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable & chainable. [iOS/macOS/tvOS/CALayer]
Fontawesome.swift 1,361
Use FontAwesome in your Swift projects
Bettersegmentedcontrol 1,301
An easy to use, customizable replacement for UISegmentedControl & UISwitch.
Device 1,293
Light weight tool for detecting the current device and screen size written in swift.
Cocoapods Playgrounds 1,288
🃏 Generate Swift Playgrounds for any library.
Swiftforms 1,281
A small and lightweight library written in Swift that allows you to easily create forms.
Tkrubberindicator 1,254
A rubber animation pagecontrol
Connectivity 1,230
🌐 Makes Internet connectivity detection more robust by detecting Wi-Fi networks without Internet access.
Colormatchtabs 1,222
This is a Review posting app that let user find interesting places near them
Nextgrowingtextview 1,221
📝 The next in the generations of 'growing textviews' optimized for iOS 8 and above.
Networking 1,203
Easy HTTP Networking in Swift a NSURLSession wrapper with image caching support
Yndropdownmenu 1,199
✨ Awesome Dropdown menu for iOS with Swift 5.0
Swiftyattributes 1,144
A Swifty API for attributed strings
Pinpointkit 1,083
Send better feedback
Swiftlinkpreview 1,064
It makes a preview from an URL, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images.
Magnetic 1,063
SpriteKit Floating Bubble Picker (inspired by Apple Music) 🧲
Mtbbarcodescanner 1,040
A lightweight, easy-to-use barcode scanning library for iOS 8+
Cluster 1,040
Easy Map Annotation Clustering 📍
Loadingshimmer 1,036
An easy way to add a shimmering effect to any view with just one line of code. It is useful as an unobtrusive loading indicator.
Swifticonfont 1,031
Icons fonts for iOS (FontAwesome, Iconic, Ionicon, Octicon, Themify, MapIcon, MaterialIcon)
Appz 1,031
📱 Launch external apps, and deeplink, with ease using Swift!
Istimeline 990
Simple timeline view written in Swift 3
Gaugekit 973
Kit for building custom gauges + easy reproducible Apple's style ring gauges.
Lgalertview 973
Customizable implementation of UIAlertViewController, UIAlertView and UIActionSheet. All in one. You can customize every detail. Make AlertView of your dream! :)
Cameramanager 954
Simple Swift class to provide all the configurations you need to create custom camera view in your app
Fontblaster 948
Programmatically load custom fonts into your iOS and tvOS app.
Sheeeeeeeeet 934
Sheeeeeeeeet is a Swift library for creating menus, custom action sheets, context menus etc.
Cdalertview 924
Highly customizable alertview and alert/notification/success/error/alarm popup written in Swift
Ratelimit 916
Simple utility for only executing code every so often.
Imagescout 915
A Swift implementation of fastimage. Supports PNG, GIF, and JPEG.
Protobuf Swift 908
Google ProtocolBuffers for Apple Swift
Ctpanoramaview 906
A library that displays spherical or cylindrical panoramas with touch or motion based controls.
Cascadingtabledelegate 902
A no-nonsense way to write cleaner UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource in Swift.
Tbactionsheet 897
A Custom&Powerful Action Sheet For iOS. 一个 ActionSheet 满足所有样式!超高自由度的可定制!
Popmenu 896
A fully customizable popup style menu for iOS 😎
Transitionbutton 888
UIButton sublass for loading and transition animation.
Mixpanel Iphone 882
iPhone tracking library for Mixpanel Analytics
Wstagsfield 877
An iOS text field that represents different Tags
Queuer 874
Queuer is a queue manager, built on top of OperationQueue and Dispatch (aka GCD).
Sica 866
🦌 Simple Interface Core Animation. Run type-safe animation sequencially or parallelly
Bfkit Swift 856
BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to develop Apps faster.
Bfkit 814
BFKit is a collection of useful classes and categories to develop Apps faster.
Swiftysound 799
SwiftySound is a simple library that lets you play sounds with a single line of code.
Nightnight 765
Elegant way to integrate night mode to swift projects
Centeredcollectionview 732
A lightweight UICollectionViewLayout that 'pages' and centers its cells 🎡 written in Swift
Swipemenuviewcontroller 731
Swipable tab and menu View and ViewController.
Tkswitchercollection 713
An animation switch collection
Statusalert 688
Display Apple system-like self-hiding status alerts. It is well suited for notifying user without interrupting user flow in iOS-like way.
Koyomi 682
Simple customizable calendar component in Swift 📆
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