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Delightful Humane Tech

Quetre is an alternative front-end to Quora. It enables you to see answers without ads, trackers, and other such bloat.

Key Features

  • Privacy focused

    All requests are proxied which makes it impossible for Quora to collate meaningful data points about you.

  • No ads or tracking

    Absolutely no ads, no tracking, no browser fingerprinting, and no telemetry of any kind.

  • Fully responsive layout

    Utilises modern CSS features like CSS Grid and Flexbox to make the website fully responsive for all screen sizes.

  • Lightweight and fast

    As the website contains no bloat, pages load in a jiffy and request sizes are tiny.

  • Dark and light themes

    Whether you're a nightowl or bright screen lover, you'll enjoy curated color scheme for your taste.

  • Unofficial API support

    just add/api/v1/after the domain name in the URL and get a JSON response.


website in light mode on desktop website in dark mode on mobile


Instance Region Provider Notes
1. Clearnet
quetre.iket.me Canada OVHCloud Official instance
quora.vern.cc US Hetzner Operated by ~vern
quetre.pussthecat.org Germany Operated by PussTheCat.org
quetre.tokhmi.xyz U.S. Oracle Operated by Tokhmi
quetre.projectsegfau.lt Europe BuyVM Operated by Project Segfault
quetre.esmailelbob.xyz Canada OVHCloud Operated by Esmail EL BoB
quetre.odyssey346.dev Poland OVHCloud Operated by Odyssey346
quetre.privacydev.net Netherlands VPS One Operated by PrivacyDev
ask.habedieeh.re Canada Oracle Operated by habedieeh.re
quetre.marcopisco.com Portugal Vodafone Portugal (Cloudflare) Operated by marcopisco.com
quetre.blackdrgn.nl Germany Contabo Operated by blackdrgn.nl
quetre.pufe.org New Zealand - Operated by pufe.org
quetre.lunar.icu Germany Cloudflare Operated by lunar.icu
que.wilbvr.me Netherlands Liga Hosting Operated by Wilbvr
quora.femboy.hu Hungary N/A (Self-hosted) Operated by hnhx
2. Onion
quetre.esmail5pdn24shtvieloeedh7ehz3nrwcdivnfhfcedl7gf4kwddhkqd.onion Canada OVHCloud Operated by Esmail EL BoB
qr.vernccvbvyi5qhfzyqengccj7lkove6bjot2xhh5kajhwvidqafczrad.onion US Hetzner Operated by ~vern
ask.habeehrhadazsw3izbrbilqajalfyqqln54mrja3iwpqxgcuxnus7eid.onion Canada Oracle Operated by habedieeh.re
quetre.g4c3eya4clenolymqbpgwz3q3tawoxw56yhzk4vugqrl6dtu3ejvhjid.onion U.S. BuyVM Operated by PrivacyDev
quora.cepyxplublbyw2f4axy4pyztfbxmf63lrt2c7uwv6wl4iixz53czload.onion Hungary N/A (Self-hosted) Operated by hnhx
3. I2P
qr.vern.i2p/ US Hetzner Operated by ~vern



URL for comparision: https://www.quora.com/How-does-the-Z-boson-decay

Quora Quetre
No. of requests 83* 15
Load time 6.76s 4.61s
Finish time 2.44min* 4.62s
Data consumed 3.49MB 404.47KB

*the requests were ongoing even after 6 minutes


  • Quora: You can't even see an answer(unless you do some hacks) if you're not signed in. They put a big banner in front of answers to sign you up/in forcefully.

  • Quetre: There is no accounts system. Just read whatever you want to read. Zero fuss.


Quora(when browsing anonymously)

From their privacy policy

  • Technologies used
    • cookies
    • log files
    • clear GIFs/pixel tags
    • JavaScript
    • web beacons
    • local storage objects
    • Analytics Tools
    • other tracking technologies
  • Data collected
    • searches
    • page views
    • date and time of your visit
    • browser type
    • type of computer or mobile device
    • browser language
    • IP address
    • mobile carrier
    • unique device identifier
    • location
    • requested and referring URLs
    • other information about your use of the Quora Platform


  • Data actively collected by Quetre


  • Data passively collected by Quetre

    Whenever you hit some error page, an error object is logged to the console on the server. That error object contains the resource url you were trying to access, and the usual stack trace. That's it.

  • Data stored locally in your browser

    A key called 'theme' is stored in local storage provided by your browser to store your theme preference should you override the default theme. To prevent this behaviour, either disable JavaScript or local storage for Quetre.


  • How do I use this?

    Replace 'www.quora.com' in any URL with 'quetre.iket.me'(or any other instance). So, 'https://www.quora.com/Are-Nubians-nilotes' becomes 'https://quetre.iket.me/Are-Nubians-nilotes'.

  • I don't want to edit the URLs manually!

    There are a couple of solutions for that.

  • There are some unreachable routes.

    I'm working to implement them soon. Keep an eye on To-Do list.

  • Why are some math equations showing up weirdly?

    If you're browsing with JavaScript disabled, then the Mathjax library isn't able to load and format tex equations. I'd recommend to enable JavaScript for it since there's no other way to show them in the browser. Even Quora uses Mathjax.

  • Why can I only view a couple of answers?

    Quora doesn't show all answers at once. It only loads more answers as the user scrolls down. Furthermore, it uses many unique IDs to send ajax requests to fetch those answers. So, all in all, getting more answers isn't impossible but quite difficult requiring some serious amount of time on their website in order to figure out how it all happens. I'm short on time for now.

  • Why am I getting a Recheck the URL error?

    Sometimes Quora doesn't populate the answer page HTML, and hence, Quetre is unable to extract data from it. If that happens, you can refresh the page a couple of times to get the answers.

  • I have some ideas/want to help.

    You're most welcome to do that. Justcontact meor forkthe repoand make a pull request. You can even help by correcting some typos or translating this README to other languages.

  • Why the name Quetre?

    Quora issupposedlya portmanteau of 'Questions or answers'. In the same vein, Quetre is a portmanteau of 'Questions and answers', butin Latin.

  • I cannot view the comments. Will you add that feature?

    See this issue


  • [x] add missing routes like topics, profile, and search
  • [x] use redis
  • [x] serve images and other assets from Quetre
  • [x] implement a better installation method
  • [ ] implement other trivial routes like a specific answer, spaces, etc.
  • [ ] implement a way to get more answers(not a big priority as of now)



  1. Install Node.js, Git, and Redis(Optional). Instructions are on their websites.

  2. Clone and set up the repository.

    git clone https://github.com/zyachel/quetre.git # replace github.com with codeberg.org if you're cloning from there
    cd quetre
    cp .env.example .env # you can make any changes here
    # change `pnpm` to `npm run` here as well as in package.json if you use `npm`
    pnpm install
    pnpm start
    # optional
    redis-server # useful for caching api responses

Quetre will start running at http://localhost:3000.


There is a docker image made by @TheFrenchGhosty for PussTheCat.org's instance.
If you want a leaner one, you can checkout @video-prize-ranch's docker image.


The development may seem slow as I don't have lots of free time. And whenever I do, it gets split between this service and libremdb.
If you believe you can help furthering this project in any way(be it maintaining, fixing issues, or adding features), please get in touch.
Regardless, any type of contribution is always welcome.


Automatic redirection

Following extensions can be used to automatically redirect Quora URLs to Quetre:

  • redirector
    You can manually add any redirect. Below is a basic config of Quora to Quetre. Replace quetre.iket.me in Redirect to to any instance of your choice.

    Description: Quora to Quetre
    Example URL: https://www.quora.com/What-is-Linux-4?share=1
    Include pattern: (https:\/\/.{2,}\.quora\.com\/.*)
    Redirect to: https://quetre.iket.me/redirect/$1
    Pattern type: Regular Expression
    Pattern description: redirects all Quora urls to Quetre

    This config should output:
    Example result: https://quetre.iket.me/redirect/https://www.quora.com/What-is-Linux-4?share=1

  • LibRedirect
    Redirects many popular services to their alternative front-ends. Has a ton of features and an active community. Quetre is supported by default. So, no need to do anything.

  • Privacy Redirector
    A userscript that redirects popular social media platforms to their privacy respecting frontends.

  • Other addons with similar functionality:

Other alternative front-ends




Code hosting



  • Contributors
  • Instance maintainers
  • Users :)


Send a message on [matrix] or go old school with email in case you wish to contact me.


Licensed under GNU AGPLv3.

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