A free & open source IMDb front-end.
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19 days ago11agpl-3.0TypeScript
A free & open source IMDb front-end.
2 years ago26Go
This project proposes to create a web application that allows the user to research and watch videos. The player will be directly integrated to the site, and the videos will be downloaded through the BitTorrent protocol.
Nextjs Movie App3
a year agoJavaScript
Next Js Movie data using API
2 years agomitJavaScript
Movies App on React (React + Sass + ESLint + Prettier + StyleLint + PWA)
3 years agoJavaScript
this project shows a films gallery using IMDb API, find a movie and a general overview of any movie you want with react hooks, ant design and node sass
Alternatives To Libremdb
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A free & open source IMDb front-end.

Inspired by projects like teddit, nitter and many others.

Some Features

  • No ads or tracking
    Browse any movie info without being tracked or bombarded by annoying ads.

  • Modern interface
    Modern interface with curated colors supporting both dark and light themes.

  • Responsive design
    Be it your small mobile or big computer screen, it's fully responsive.

  • Lightweight
    Up movie page
    (tested on Firefox v104; without scroll; simulated regular 4g)

    Network tab stats libremdb IMDb
    no. of requests 22 180
    data transfered(gzipped) 468KB 1.88MB
    load event fired in 6.22s 10.01s


Instance URL Region Notes
1. Clearnet Canada Operated by me Germany Operated by US Operated by ~vern US & Germany Operated by Whatever Social Germany (Cloudflare) Operated by Germany (Cloudflare) Operated by shindouj France Operated by Germany (Cloudflare) Operated by WhateverItWorks US Operated by US Operated by Operated by Singapore Operated by Opnxng
2. Onion
ld.vernccvbvyi5qhfzyqengccj7lkove6bjot2xhh5kajhwvidqafczrad.onion US Operated by ~vern
3. I2P
vernz3ubrntql4wrgyrssd6u3qzi36zrhz2agbo6vibzbs5olk2q.b32.i2p US Operated by ~vern

Questions you might have

  • How do I use it?
    Replace in any IMDb URL with any of the instances. For example: '' to ''.
    To avoid changing the URLs manually, you can use extensions.

  • Why is it so slow?
    Whenever you request info about a movie/show on libremdb, 4 trips are made(2 between your browser and libremdb's server, and 2 between libremdb's server and IMDb's server) instead of the usual 2 trips when you visit a website. For this reason there's a noticable delay. This is a bit of inconvenience you'll have to face should you wish to use this website.

  • It doesn't have all routes.
    I'll implement more with time :)

  • Is content served from third-parties, like Amazon?
    Nope, libremdb proxies all image and video requests through the instance to avoid exposing your IP address, browser information and other personally identifiable metadata (Contributor).

  • Why not just use IMDb?
    Refer to the features section above.

  • Why didn't you use other databases like TMDB or OMDb?
    IMDb simply has superior dataset compared to all other alternatives. With that being said, I'd encourage you to check out those alternatives too.


  • Information collected:

  • Information stored in your browser:
    A key named 'theme' is stored in Local Storage provided by your browser, if you ever override the default theme. To remove it, go to site data settings, and clear the data for this website. To permamently disable libremdb from storing your theme prefrences, either turn off JavaScript or disable access to Local Storage for libremdb.

  • Information collected by other services:
    None. libremdb proxies images anonymously through the instance for maximum privacy (Contributor).


  • [ ] add advanced search route

  • [x] add did you know and reviews on movie info page

  • [x] add a way to see trailer and other videos

  • [ ] implement movie specific routes like:

    • [ ] reviews(including critic reviews)
    • [ ] video & image gallery
    • [ ] sections under 'did you know'
    • [ ] release info
    • [ ] parental guide
  • [ ] implement other routes like:

    • [ ] lists
    • [ ] moviemeter
    • [x] person info(includes directors and actors)
    • [ ] company info
    • [ ] user info
  • [X] use redis, or any other caching strategy

  • [x] implement a better installation method

  • [x] serve images and videos from libremdb itself


As libremdb is made with Next.js, you can deploy it anywhere where Next.js is supported. Below are a few other methods:


  1. Install Node.js and Git.
    for Node.js, visit their website.
    for Git, run sudo apt install git if you're on a Debian-based distro. Else visit their website.

  2. Install redis(optional).
    You can install redis from here.

  3. Clone and set up the repo.

    git clone # replace with if you wish so.
    cd libremdb
    # change the configuration file to your liking.
    cp .env.local.example .env.local
    # replace 'pnpm' with yarn or npm if you use those.
    pnpm install
    pnpm build
    pnpm start
    # optional: if you're using redis

libremdb will start running at http://localhost:3000.
To change port, modify the last command like this: pnpm start -- -p <port-number>.

Docker (Local)

You can build the docker image using the provided Dockerfile(thanks to @httpjamesm) and set it up using the example docker-compose file.

Change the docker-compose file to your liking and run docker-compose up -d to start the container, that's all!

Docker (Built)

There's a docker image made by @TheFrenchGhosty for's instance. You can use that as well.


Automatic redirection

  • Redirector

    Description: redirect IMDb to libremdb
    Example URL:
    Include pattern: https?:\/\/(www\.)?imdb\.com\/(.*)
    Redirect to:$2
    Pattern type: Regular Expression
  • LibRedirect

  • Privacy Redirector

Similar projects

  • Teddit
    Teddit is an alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy.
  • Nitter
    Nitter is a free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.
  • Bibliogram
    Bibliogram is an alternative front-end for Instagram.
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    Libreddit is an alternative private front-end to Reddit.
  • Scribe
    Scribe is an alternative Medium frontend.
  • full list →


I'm availabe on [matrix] and email in case you wish to contact me personally.


Licensed under GNU AGPLv3.
See License for full legalese.

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