ZincSearch . A lightweight alternative to elasticsearch that requires minimal resources, written in Go.
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ZincSearch . A lightweight alternative to elasticsearch that requires minimal resources, written in Go.
7 months ago25gpl-3.0Java
基于SOA架构的分布式电商购物商城 前后端分离 前台商城:Vue全家桶 后台管理系统:Dubbo/SSM/Elasticsearch/Redis/MySQL/ActiveMQ/Shiro/Zookeeper等
Reactivesearch4,79892174 days ago341September 21, 2022161apache-2.0JavaScript
Search UI components for React and Vue
5 days ago15agpl-3.0Vue
⭐️⭐️⭐️ Springcloud商城系统 微服务商城系统 O2O商城系统 小程序商城 PC商城 H5商城 APP商城 Java商城 分销商城 多用户商城 uniapp商城
Searchkit4,590143139 days ago93January 13, 202121apache-2.0TypeScript
Search UI for Elasticsearch & Opensearch. Compatible with Algolia's Instantsearch and Autocomplete components. React & Vue support
6 months ago49apache-2.0Java
7 months ago8gpl-3.0Java
基于Spring Boot 2.x的一站式前后端分离快速开发平台XBoot 微信小程序+Uniapp 前端:Vue+iView Admin 后端:Spring Boot 2.x/Spring Security/JWT/JPA+Mybatis-Plus/Redis/Elasticsearch/Activiti 分布式限流/同步锁/验证码/SnowFlake雪花算法ID 动态权限 数据权限 工作流 代码生成 定时任务 社交账号 短信登录 单点登录 OAuth2开放平台 客服机器人 数据大屏 暗黑模式
17 days ago6agpl-3.0Java
商城 JAVA电商商城 多语言商城 uniapp商城 微服务商城
15 days ago12apache-2.0Vue
6 months ago28apache-2.0Vue
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Note: If your use case is of log search (app and security logs) instead of app search (implement search feature in your application or website) then you should check openobserve/openobserve project built in rust that is specifically built for log search use case.


ZincSearch is a search engine that does full text indexing. It is a lightweight alternative to Elasticsearch and runs using a fraction of the resources. It uses bluge as the underlying indexing library.

It is very simple and easy to operate as opposed to Elasticsearch which requires a couple dozen knobs to understand and tune which you can get up and running in 2 minutes

It is a drop-in replacement for Elasticsearch if you are just ingesting data using APIs and searching using kibana (Kibana is not supported with ZincSearch. ZincSearch provides its own UI).

Check the below video for a quick demo of ZincSearch.

Zinc Youtube

Why ZincSearch

While Elasticsearch is a very good product, it is complex and requires lots of resources and is more than a decade old. I built ZincSearch so it becomes easier for folks to use full text search indexing without doing a lot of work.


  1. Provides full text indexing capability
  2. Single binary for installation and running. Binaries available under releases for multiple platforms.
  3. Web UI for querying data written in Vue
  4. Compatibility with Elasticsearch APIs for ingestion of data (single record and bulk API)
  5. Out of the box authentication
  6. Schema less - No need to define schema upfront and different documents in the same index can have different fields.
  7. Index storage in disk
  8. aggregation support


Documentation is available at https://zincsearch-docs.zinc.dev/


Search screen

Search screen

User management screen

Users screen

Getting started


Check Quickstart


ZincSearch has hundreds of production installations.

ZincSearch Vs OpenObserve

Feature ZincSearch OpenObserve
Ideal use case App search Logs, metrics, traces (Immutable Data)
Storage Disk Disk, Object (S3), GCS, MinIO, swift and more.
Preferred Use case App search Observability (Logs, metrics, traces)
Max data supported 100s of GBs Petabyte scale
High availability Not available Yes
Open source Yes Yes, OpenObserve
ES API compatibility Yes Yes
GUI Basic Very Advanced, including dashboards
Cost Open source Open source
Get started Open source docs Open source docs or Cloud



You can use ZincSearch to index and search any data. Here are some examples that folks have created to index and search enron email dataset using zincsearch:

  1. jorgeloaiza48/Enron-Email-DataSet
  2. jhojanperlaza/email_search_engine
  3. carlosarraes/zinmail
  4. devjopa/golab-search
  5. avaco2312/zincsearch
  6. paolorossig/email-indexer
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