ResNeSt: Split-Attention Networks
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Split-Attention Network, A New ResNet Variant. It significantly boosts the performance of downstream models such as Mask R-CNN, Cascade R-CNN and DeepLabV3.

Table of Contents

  1. Pretrained Models
  2. Transfer Learning Models
  3. Verify ImageNet Results
  4. How to Train
  5. Reference

Pypi / GitHub Install

  1. Install this package repo, note that you only need to choose one of the options
# using github url
pip install git+

# using pypi
pip install resnest --pre

Pretrained Models

crop size PyTorch Gluon
ResNeSt-50 224 81.03 81.04
ResNeSt-101 256 82.83 82.81
ResNeSt-200 320 83.84 83.88
ResNeSt-269 416 84.54 84.53
  • 3rd party implementations are available: Tensorflow, Caffe, JAX.

  • Extra ablation study models are available in link

PyTorch Models

  • Load using Torch Hub
import torch
# get list of models
torch.hub.list('zhanghang1989/ResNeSt', force_reload=True)

# load pretrained models, using ResNeSt-50 as an example
net = torch.hub.load('zhanghang1989/ResNeSt', 'resnest50', pretrained=True)
  • Load using python package
# using ResNeSt-50 as an example
from resnest.torch import resnest50
net = resnest50(pretrained=True)

Gluon Models

  • Load pretrained model:
# using ResNeSt-50 as an example
from resnest.gluon import resnest50
net = resnest50(pretrained=True)

Transfer Learning Models


We provide a wrapper for training Detectron2 models with ResNeSt backbone at d2. Training configs and pretrained models are released. See details in d2.


The ResNeSt backbone has been adopted by MMDetection.

Semantic Segmentation

Verify ImageNet Results:

Note: the inference speed reported in the paper are tested using Gluon implementation with RecordIO data.

Prepare ImageNet dataset:

Here we use raw image data format for simplicity, please follow GluonCV tutorial if you would like to use RecordIO format.

cd scripts/dataset/
# assuming you have downloaded the dataset in the current folder
python --download-dir ./

Torch Model

# use resnest50 as an example
cd scripts/torch/
python --model resnest50 --crop-size 224

Gluon Model

# use resnest50 as an example
cd scripts/gluon/
python --model resnest50 --crop-size 224

How to Train

ImageNet Models

Detectron Models

For object detection and instance segmentation models, please visit our detectron2-ResNeSt fork.

Semantic Segmentation


ResNeSt: Split-Attention Networks [arXiv]

Hang Zhang, Chongruo Wu, Zhongyue Zhang, Yi Zhu, Zhi Zhang, Haibin Lin, Yue Sun, Tong He, Jonas Muller, R. Manmatha, Mu Li and Alex Smola

title={ResNeSt: Split-Attention Networks},
author={Zhang, Hang and Wu, Chongruo and Zhang, Zhongyue and Zhu, Yi and Zhang, Zhi and Lin, Haibin and Sun, Yue and He, Tong and Muller, Jonas and Manmatha, R. and Li, Mu and Smola, Alexander},
journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.08955},

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