Music Porter

Having trouble about import Xiami playlist into Spotify? This is the application you looking for!!
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Spotify Downloader11,674227 days ago64June 27, 202210mitPython
Download your Spotify playlists and songs along with album art and metadata (from YouTube if a match is found).
11 days ago55gpl-3.0Kotlin
Kotlin Multiplatform Music Downloader, Supports Spotify / Gaana / Youtube Music / Jio Saavn / SoundCloud.
Mopidy7,654210782 months ago79April 28, 2022201apache-2.0Python
Mopidy is an extensible music server written in Python
2 days ago97mitRust
Fast and multi-platform Spotify client with native GUI
a day ago37September 17, 2022103bsd-2-clauseRust
Cross-platform ncurses Spotify client written in Rust, inspired by ncmpc and the likes.
Spotify Web Api Node2,874852922 months ago50January 24, 2021160mitJavaScript
A Node.js wrapper for Spotify's Web API.
20 days ago27mitJavaScript
Export/Backup Spotify playlists using the Web API
Spotify Dl1,321
20 days ago31April 19, 202224mitPython
Downloads songs from your Spotify Playlist
Spotifyapi Net1,3141225 days ago34September 28, 20216mitC#
:sound: A Client for the Spotify Web API, written in C#/.NET
Everyones Guide For Starting Up On Wechat Network868
9 months ago7
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Xiami & Netease update their frontend and parser is not working. Close this project.

Music Porter

From Xiami/NetEaseCloudMusic to Spotify implemented with Node.js

If you have trouble migrate music from Xiami/NetEaseCloudMusic to Spotify, this is the application you looking for!!

Start Use Xiami/NetEaseCloudMusic to Spotify by click this link


Spotify access -> xiami login -> add song page by page into Spotify

Spotify access -> NetEase playListUrl -> add all songs into playlist at once

Video tutorial


Spotify Username & Password for Xiami Url of second page of your xiami PlayList

for NetEaseCloudMusic playlist url

Note : if you got error "请输入验证码", please wait for an hour or so until validatoin end for you account


Use my own data as reference, I am able to transfer 657/1300 from Xiami to Spotify. All the songs will be added into a folder named "tmp", you can change it AFTER process finish. Warning: if you change name during the process it mind break the program

For NetEaseCloudMusic, it will not show the realtime update due to design issue. It will show songs in spotify all at once, which means you have to wait approximatly (1 second * total song) until it shows


one the web page, user will receive some ugly stirng, which has two catgory

  1. passed [spotify_track_uri] | this simply means spotify did find the track
  2. failed [message/error problem] | this means spotify is not able to find given track, but if you get "error" in the failed, it means somethign goes wrong with applicatoin, it is 5XX, then it is Spotiify problem, but it is 4XX, please make a issue about this.

On the spotify side, the way to check this tranformation dynamically, use desktop version of Spotify. phone's spotify does not show real tiem result of update, but destop version will.


Spotify API

Xiami access



feel free to extend the application, indeed ,I would happy if someone can make some css design for the page. You can make some improvement on (improve)search etc..

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