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2.Code Explanation

This is a menubar app which shows a simple chinese lunar calendar for OSX.

There are two different implementations for this app:

2.1. WanNianLi

this project is using the official NSStatusItem to implement the menubar app. Its posittion in the icon bar can't be moved.

2.2. CLCLauncher + CLCMenuExtra

these two projects are using the un-official NSMenuExtra (hacking way) to implement the menubar app. The calendar icon works in the same way with system's icon. You can use CMD+Drag to move it or remove it.

CLCLauncher: this project is a agent application, which launch "" & ""

It dependens on and (these two bundles will be packed into as resources)

CLCMenuExtra: this project finishs the actual functionality. this bundle is using un-official NSMenuExtra API.


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