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Madge7,8011,6629183 days ago75June 04, 202392mitJavaScript
Create graphs from your CommonJS, AMD or ES6 module dependencies
Blast Radius1,855
3 months ago44mitJavaScript
Interactive visualizations of Terraform dependency graphs using d3.js
Graph1,5333512 days ago35July 05, 202333apache-2.0Go
A library for creating generic graph data structures and modifying, analyzing, and visualizing them.
D3 Graphviz1,49733292 months ago67August 01, 202315bsd-3-clauseJavaScript
Graphviz DOT rendering and animated transitions using D3
Graphviz1,4252,1911,1472 months ago56July 23, 20229mitPython
Simple Python interface for Graphviz
5 years ago61gpl-2.0Python
pycallgraph is a Python module that creates call graphs for Python programs.
Simple Graph1,200
6 months ago5July 05, 2021mit
This is a simple graph database in SQLite, inspired by "SQLite as a document database"
4 years agobsd-2-clauseLua
lsof to graphviz
4 months ago14February 09, 202041Clojure
Graph library for Clojure. Mailing list!forum/loom-clj
3814 days ago9November 21, 202015lgpl-3.0Python
Interactive viewer for graphs written in Graphviz's dot language.
Alternatives To Lsofgraph
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A small utility to convert Unix lsof output to a graph showing FIFO and UNIX interprocess communication.

Generate graph:

sudo lsof -n -F | ./lsofgraph | dot -Tjpg > /tmp/a.jpg

or add unflatten to the chain for a better layout:

sudo lsof -n -F | ./lsofgraph | unflatten -l 1 -c 6 | dot -T jpg > /tmp/a.jpg

It seems that Lua was an unfortunate choice, since people keep sending me links to ports in other languages. If you also hate Lua, raise your hand and check the Python port at akme/lsofgraph-python or the Perl port at tehmoth/lsofgraph.

example output

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