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NCNN is a high-performance neural network inference framework optimized for the mobile platform. This repo lists some awesome ncnn-based projects. Welcome Star & Fork & Pull Requests!

NCNN 是一个为手机端极致优化的高性能神经网络前向计算框架。本仓库 收集了基于NCNN的很棒的项目。欢迎 Star & Fork & Pull Request 一键三连!


Application projects


General object detection, face detection (and landmark) projects on Android platform.

Super Resolution

Video Frame Interpolation

  • flowframes Flowframes Windows GUI for video interpolation - Supports DAIN NCNN as well as RIFE Pytorch and NCNN implementations.

  • rife-ncnn-vulkan ncnn implementation of RIFE, Real-Time Intermediate Flow Estimation for Video Frame Interpolation.

  • cain-ncnn-vulkan ncnn implementation of CAIN, Channel Attention Is All You Need for Video Frame Interpolation.

  • dain-ncnn-vulkan ncnn implementation of DAIN, Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation.




Model convert tools and wrapper/bindings of ncnn (模型转换工具、对ncnn封装等相关项目)


  • ros_ncnn ROS wrapper for NCNN neural inference framework

  • pyncnn python wrapper of ncnn with pybind11 (Note: now updated in ncnn official repo's python directory)

  • ncnn-lite NCNN lite without C++ support (Note: There is ncnn C API now)

  • NcnnDotNet ncnn .NET wrapper written in C++ and C# for Windows, MacOS and Linux



  • ncnnqat quantize aware training package for NCNN on pytorch.

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