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Deploy React.js Static Web Apps generated with facebook/create-react-app to Zeit's awesome service.

I wrote an article about this project here: Zero Configuration Deployment for React app with Zeit Now


UPDATE: create-react-app now officially recommend using "serve" to deploy your create-react-app project. The documentation can be found here:

I personally and strongly recommend you to check out Next.js by Zeit team. That will be my personal go to choice as well when creating new React project, and deploy to now seamlessly.

Though create-react-app-now can serves as an example on how you can use create-react-app and zeit's now together.

Having said that, it is likely that I will not actively maintain this repo anymore (e.g. update the dependencies). I will still accept PR though.


create-react-app-now is created using facebook/create-react-app. Although it supports deployment to github pages and heroku, it does not feel intuitive just yet, as we need to run lots of commands.

This project is specifically to solve just that, with just 1 command: npm run deploy

This is achieved by using Zeit's awesome service. It is fast, easy, and intuitive way of deploying your React app.


Simply follow this step from getting started to deployment:

$ npm install -g now
$ git clone
$ npm install
$ npm run deploy

First command installs the now cli globally as npm package. Another (or suggested) approach is to install Now Desktop to ensure automatic updates of now cli.

Subsequent commands simply clone this repo, install necessary npm packages and deploy it to Now.

Whenever you want to deploy new changes, just run npm run deploy again to get new public link, for free! 😄

You will enjoy all the benefits that Now offers out-of-the-box: real-time and immutable deployments all within 1 command.


You might see some red text appears or warnings in the log. You can safely ignore this, because your project will still be deployed successfully.

Alternatives Deployment

If you prefer something else, please refer to create-react-app documentation here.


Read more about create-react-app here

Read more about Zeit's here

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