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A collection of utilities for working with cryptocurrency APIs.

Goal: Painless automated spread and target trading, account management, and data analysis.


  • BitMex (stocklook.crypto.bitmex): trading, account management, websocket feed
  • Bittrex (stocklook.crypto.bittrex): account management, buy/sell
  • (stocklook.crypto.bitcoin): BTC blockchain stats
  • (stocklook.crypto.etherium): ETH blockchain stats
  • CoinBase (stocklook.crypto.coinbase_api): account management, buy/sell
  • CoinMarketCap (stocklook.crypto.coinmarketcap): price history, market stats
  • Cryptopia (stocklook.crypto.cryptopia): price history, buy/sell, market stats
  • Gdax (stocklook.crypto.gdax): trading, account management, price history, websocket feed
  • Poloniex (stocklook.crypto.poloniex): price history
  • Twitter (stocklook.apis.twitah): tweet scanning
  • Yahoo Finance (broken): price history


Accessing Coinbase to view accounts:

from stocklook.crypto.coinbase_api import CoinbaseClient

c = CoinbaseClient()

# method 1 - access accounts via coinbase library
obj = c.get_accounts()
accounts = obj.response.json['data']
for account in accounts:
    print("{}: {}".format(account['currency']: account['id'])

# method 2 - parses accounts into dictionary upon access.
usd_account = c.accounts['USD']

Accessing Gdax to buy some coin:

from stocklook.crypto.gdax import Gdax, GdaxOrder

g = Gdax()
g.deposit_from_coinbase('USD', 100)

o = GdaxOrder(g, 'LTC-USD', order_type='market', amount=100)

Market making spreads on Gdax:

from stocklook.crypto.gdax.market_maker import GdaxMarketMaker

m = GdaxMarketMaker(product_id='ETH-USD',

Accessing Poloniex chart data:

# In progress


Configuration variables are stored in global variable stocklook.config.config(dict). User input may be required on Object initialization to figure out credentials unless they've been previously cached or added to this dictionary. Passwords & secrets are always cached safely using the keyring library.

Update os.environ with the following credentials to have them auto-update config:

  • coinbase: COINBASE_KEY
  • poloniex: POLONIEX_KEY

You can update global configuration like so:

from stocklook.config import update_config, config
my_config = {
    'DATA_DIRECTORY': 'C:/Users/me/stocklook_data'
    'COINBASE_KEY': 'mycoinbasekey',
    'COINBASE_SECRET': 'mycoinbasesecret',
    'GDAX_KEY': 'mygdaxkey',
    'GDAX_SECRET': 'mygdaxsecret',
    'GDAX_PASSPHRASE': 'mygdaxpassphrase',
    'GMAIL_EMAIL': '[email protected]',
    'GMAIL_PASSWORD': 'mygmailpassword',
    'LOG_LEVEL': logging.DEBUG,
    'PYTZ_TIMEZONE': 'US/Pacific',

    # SQLAlchemy URL kwargs
                            'drivername': 'mysql+pymysql',
                            'host': 'localhost',
                            'port': None,
                            'username': 'dbuser',
                            'password': 'dbpass',
                            'database': 'dbname'

# method 1

# method 2 (same as method 1)

To-do List:

  • [] Add tests for gdax, coinbase
  • [] fix yahoo api
  • [] add Poloniex account management code

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