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Tda Api1,148212 days ago53June 07, 202234mitPython
A TD Ameritrade API client for Python. Includes historical data for equities and ETFs, options chains, streaming order book data, complex order construction, and more.
Td Ameritrade Python Api62637 months ago15March 18, 202142mitPython
Unofficial Python API client library for TD Ameritrade. This library allows for easy access of the Standard API and allows users to build data pipelines for the Streaming API.
4 months ago11July 06, 202024apache-2.0Python
Python interface to TD Ameritrade (
2 months ago14apache-2.0JavaScript
Implementation of Universal Token for Assets and Payments
Go Quote26119 months ago1February 23, 20197mitGo
Yahoo finance/Google finance/Coinbase/Bittrex/Binance/Tiingo historical quote downloader library and cli written in golang
Itc Reporter119
3 months agomitPython
Retrieves Sales- and Financial Reports from App Store Connect (formerly iTunes Connect, iTC)
8 months ago2unlicenseJupyter Notebook
The Greatest Collection of anything related to finance and crypto
Torq Finance Starter Pack65
5 months ago6mitq
Example data capture system, based on random financial data
5 months ago2mpl-2.0Rust
A very simple api request client accessing TD Ameritrade API built in rust.
Fuse Financial Cicd35
5 years ago7HTML
A financial demo showcase the features of FIS 2.0
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The Greatest Collection of anything related to finance and crypto. (now with zip releases)


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Zero Knwoledge

Crypto Content (zk, obvram, circuts, smpc, etc)

MPC videos

  3. Simons Securing Computation Workshop
  4. Simons Cryptography Boot Camp
  5. DIMACS/Columbia Data Science Institute Workshop on Cryptography for Big Data
  6. DIMACS/MACS Workshop on Cryptography for the RAM Model of Computation
  7. DIMACS/MACS Workshop on Usable, Efficient, and Formally Verified Secure Computation

Other nice series

  1. Historical Papers in Cryptography Seminar Series

Garbled circuits

  1. An Efficient Protocol for Secure Two-Party Computation in the Presence of Malicious Adversaries, 2017 paper
  2. Billion-Gate Secure Computation with Malicious Adversaries, 2012 paper
  3. Secure Two-Party Computation via Cut-and-Choose Oblivious Transfer, 2011 paper
  4. Fast Cut-and-Choose-Based Protocols for Malicious and Covert Adversaries, 2013 paper
  5. Two-Output Secure Computation with Malicious Adversaries, 2011 paper
  6. Efficient Secure Two-Party Computation Using Symmetric Cut-and-Choose, 2013 paper
  7. Amortizing Garbled Circuits, 2014 paper
  8. Non-Interactive Secure Computation Based on Cut-and-Choose paper


  1. LEGO for Two-Party Secure Computation, 2009 paper
  2. MiniLEGO: Efficient Secure Two-Party Computation from General Assumptions, 2013 paper
  3. TinyLEGO: An Interactive Garbling Scheme for Maliciously Secure Two-Party Computation, 2015 paper
  4. Constant Round Maliciously Secure 2PC with Function-independent Preprocessing using LEGO, 2017 paper

General Blockchain

ID DUP AR Title Desc Notes URL DOI
1 0 Blockchain for AI: Review and open research challenges Application
2 0 A survey on consensus mechanisms and mining strategy management in blockchain networks No new information or discussion [has a comparison of sharding with scale out papers]
3 1 SoK: Consensus in the age of blockchains
4 1 Monoxide: Scale out blockchains with asynchronous consensus zones improvment (not specific to rapidchain)
5 1 Towards scaling blockchain systems via sharding Discussion, improvment (not specific to rapidchain), but uses TEE
6 0 Proof-of-Stake Sidechains. Not related to rapidchain or any similar constructions
7 0 LightChain: A Lightweight Blockchain System for Industrial Internet of Things Application
8 1 Polyshard: Coded sharding achieves linearly scaling efficiency and security simultaneously An improvment to sharding?
9 1 A game-theoretic analysis of shard-based permissionless blockchains Game theory and incentive to similar pconstructions
10 1 Flyclient: Super-Light Clients for Cryptocurrencies. Minimizing the amount of data needed for verification. But no special relation to rapidchain other than the main author Zamani.
11 0 Parallel Chains: Improving Throughput and Latency of Blockchain Protocols via Parallel Composition. Not related to rapidchain
12 0 OHIE: blockchain scaling made simple Not related to comitte based constructions
13 0 Fine-grained, secure and efficient data provenance on blockchain systems Does not cite rapidchain
14 1 BlockchainDB: a shared database on blockchains Extra storage layer above blockchain, proposes sharding chains as backend. Could this construction allow more effecient transaction storage? -
15 0 Flash: efficient dynamic routing for offchain networks Does not cite rapidchain
16 0 YODA: Enabling computationally intensive contracts on blockchains with Byzantine and Selfish nodes Offchain computation Does not relate to comitee based constructions. But it's results are interesting
17 0 Mystiko—Blockchain Meets Big Data Not related
18 1 Replay attacks and defenses against cross-shard consensus in sharded distributed ledgers Attack vectors for comitee based sharding
19 0 SoK: A Taxonomy for Layer-2 Scalability Related Protocols for Cryptocurrencies. not related
20 1 Velocity: Scalability improvements in block propagation through rateless erasure coding May provide discussion or improvements on block gossiping. But did not discuss rapidchain at all in this context
21 0 Lightchain: A dht-based blockchain for resource constrained environments Not related and no relevant discussion
22 0 A survey on consensus protocols in blockchain for iot networks No relevant discussion
23 1 Proof-of-stake sidechains
24 0 Agent-based simulations of blockchain protocols illustrated via kadena's chainweb Not relevant
25 1 Ostraka: Secure Blockchain scaling by node sharding Relevant discussion of attack vectors
26 0 A survey on efficient parallelization of blockchain-based smart contracts No relevant discussion
27 1 Committee selection is more similar than you think: Evidence from avalanche and stellar Might provide some relevant discussion on comitte selection
28 1 Sok: Sharding on blockchain Might provide some relevant discussion on comitte based sharding
29 1 Robust and scalable consensus for sharded distributed ledgers Maybe relevant discussion, and improvment on byzcoin which is in the same research line. From the author of omniledger
30 1 A security reference architecture for blockchains Security and attack vectors
31 0 Anchoring the value of Cryptocurrency economics
32 1 SeF: A secure fountain architecture for slashing storage costs in blockchains May provide discussion or improvements on block gossiping. But did not discuss rapidchain much in this context
33 0 Segment blockchain: A size reduced storage mechanism for blockchain Does not cite rapidchain.
34 1 Don't Mine, Wait in Line: Fair and Efficient Blockchain Consensus with Robust Round Robin A little bit of dicussion on rapidchain
35 1 On the Security of Blockchain Consensus Protocols Might provide some security discussion x
36 1 Cycledger: A scalable and secure parallel protocol for distributed ledger via sharding A successor to rapidchain?
37 1 Design and Implementation of a Scalable IoT-based Blockchain A successor to rapidchain? Might provide some good comitte based sharding details
38 1 A flexible n/2 adversary node resistant and halting recoverable blockchain sharding protocol Might provide good discussion
39 1 Sok: Communication across distributed ledgers Discussion on cross-chain communication
40 1 A methodology for a probabilistic security analysis of sharding-based blockchain protocols security analysis
41 0 XBlock-EOS: Extracting and Exploring Blockchain Data From EOSIO not relevant
42 0 Microchain: A Hybrid Consensus Mechanism for Lightweight Distributed Ledger for IoT not relevant
43 1 The Security Reference Architecture for Blockchains: Towards a Standardized Model for Studying Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Defenses security
44 1 Scalable network-coded PBFT consensus algorithm reducing communication burden
45 0 Public blockchains scalability: An examination of sharding and segregated witness not relevant
46 0 Hyperservice: Interoperability and programmability across heterogeneous blockchains Does not cite rapidchain
47 1 Divide and Scale: Formalization of Distributed Ledger Sharding Protocols Formalization of rapidchain and detailed analysis?
48 0 Solutions to scalability of blockchain: A survey No relevant discussion
49 1 Survey: Sharding in blockchains Very relevant. (And also manalysis ethereum 2.0)
50 0 Open infrastructure for edge: A distributed ledger outlook not relevant
51 1 How to Securely Prune Bitcoin's Blockchain block pruning
52 0 Replicated state machines without replicated execution not relevant
53 0 Evaluation and Improving Scalability of the BAZO Blockchain not relevant
54 0 Utilizing Public Blockchains for the Sybil-Resistant Bootstrapping of Distributed Anonymity Services not relevant
55 0 Resilientdb: Global scale resilient blockchain fabric Not relevant
56 0 Managing QoS of Internet-of-Things Services Using Blockchain Not relevant
57 0 Platypus: Offchain Protocol Without Synchrony Not relevant
58 0 区块链共识机制研究综述 Not in english
59 1 Gas Consumption-Aware Dynamic Load Balancing in Ethereum Sharding Environments An alternative way of assigning transactions? But does not discuss rapidchain at all
60 0 Pledge: a private ledger based decentralized data sharing framework Not relevant
61 0 Proof-of-Execution: Reaching Consensus through Fault-Tolerant Speculation No relevant discussion
62 0 Flow: Separating Consensus and Compute not a paper???
63 0 SSHTDNS: A Secure, Scalable and High-Throughput Domain Name System via Blockchain Technique Not relevant,5&sciodt=1,5&scillfp=15012720131320130813&oi=lle
64 0 Exploring heterogeneity in loosely consistent decentralized data replication No relevant discussion
65 0 Blockchain business networks: Understanding the value proposal within centralized and decentralized governance structures Not relevant
66 0 Serializability and Heterogeneous Trust from Two Phase Commit to Blockchains No relevant discussion
67 0 An Adaptive Modular-Based Compression Scheme for Address Data in the Blockchain System No relevant discussion
68 0 Eunomia: A Permissionless Parallel Chain Protocol Based on Logical Clock No relevant discussion
69 0 SoK: Layer-Two Blockchain Protocols Not relevant
70 1 Technical Whitepaper Harmony Migth provide relevant discussion
71 0 Aplos: Smart Contracts Made Smart Not relevant
72 0 Secure Balance Planning of Off-blockchain Payment Channel Networks Not relevant
73 0 Validating pairwise transactions on cryptocurrencies: a novel heuristics and network simulation Not relevant
74 0 An Approach of Secure Two-Way-Pegged Multi-sidechain No relevant discussion
75 1 0 Flash: E icient Dynamic Routing for O chain Networks
76 0 XBlock-ETH: Extracting and Exploring Blockchain Data From Etherem Not relevant
77 0 Blockchain based Decentralized Applications: Technology Review and Development Guidelines No relevant discussion
78 1 Practicability of blockchain technology and scalable blockchain network: sharding Optimized transaction routing/gossiping?
79 0 A Framework for Blockchain-Based Verification of Integrity and Authenticity
80 0 Apex: a High-Performance Hierarchical Distributed Ledger No relevant discussion
81 0 Core Concepts, Challenges, and Future Directions in Blockchain: A Centralized Tutorial No relevant discussion
82 0 Gnocchi: Multiplexed Payment Channels for Cryptocurrencies Not relevant,5&sciodt=1,5&scillfp=4546932450360448581&oi=lle
83 0 Decentralized Authorization with Private Delegation Not relevant
84 1 Scaling Blockchain Databases through Parallel Resilient Consensus Paradigm Maybe a better bft protocol?
85 0 Consolidating Hash Power in Blockchain Shards with a Forest Not relevant
86 0 Efficient Transaction Processing in Byzantine Fault Tolerant Environments Not a paper
87 0 Blockguard: Adaptive Blockchain Security Not relevant
88 0 PIRATE: A Blockchain-based Secure Framework of Distributed Machine Learning in 5G Networks Not relevant
89 0 Smart Contracts on the Move Not relevant
90 0 Decentralized Platform for Investments and Operation of Energy Communities Not relevant
91 0 Software-Defined Infrastructure for Decentralized Data Lifecycle Governance: Principled Design and Open Challenges Not relevant
92 0 Guaranteed-TX: The exploration of a guaranteed cross-shard transaction execution protocol for Ethereum 2.0. Not relevant
93 0 Addressing Scalability and Storage issues in Block Chain using Sharding No access to paper
94 0 Reliable inter-blockchain communication framework for improving scalability No access to paper (preprint)
95 0 Technical Report Fides: Managing Data on Untrusted Infrastructure Not relevant
96 0 A Blockchain Traceable Scheme with Oversight Function Not relevant
97 0 Local Bitcoin Network Simulator for Performance Evaluation using Lightweight Virtualization Not relevant
98 1 GARET: improving throughput using gas consumption-aware relocation in Ethereum sharding environments An alternative way of assigning transactions?
99 0 Effective scaling of blockchain beyond consensus innovations and Moore's law No relevant discussion
100 0 Beyond Replications in Blockchain Not relevant
101 1 On the Feasibility of Sybil Attacks in Shard-Based Permissionless Blockchains security and attack vectors
102 0 A Practical Dynamic Enhanced BFT Protocol No relevant discussion,5&sciodt=1,5&scillfp=11267631656067756812&oi=lle
103 0 Sharding Is Scaling (Blockchain) An unfinnished paper? What?
104 0 Enhancing Autonomy with Blockchain and Multi-Acess Edge Computing in Distributed Robotic Systems Not relevant
105 0 DiPETrans: A Framework for Distributed Parallel Execution of Transactions of Blocks in Blockchain No relevant discussion
106 0 Multi-Stage Proof-of-Work Blockchain. No relevant discussion
107 0 A Survey on Consensus Methods in Blockchain for Resource-constrained IoT Networks No relevant discussion
108 1 A Generic Sharding Scheme for Blockchain Protocols
109 1 Lever: Breaking the Shackles of Scalable On-chain Validation Takes inspiration from rapidchain
110 0 Thinkey: A Scalable Blockchain Architecture Does not state correct information on rapidchain and does not offer a discussion or argument to their statements.
111 0 Hybrid-BFT: Optimistically Responsive Synchronous Consensus with Optimal Latency or Resilience No relevant discussion
112 0 Flow: Separating Consensus and Compute No relevant discussion
113 0 Snappy: Fast On-chain Payments with Practical Collaterals No relevant discussion
114 0 Trust-Based Shard Distribution Scheme for Fault-Tolerant Shard Blockchain Networks No relevant discussion
115 1 A Node Rating Based Sharding Scheme for Blockchain Node assigment based on speed
116 0 Efficient Transaction Processing in Byzantine Fault Tolerant Environments Just an abstract, full paper not available
117 0 Design and Optimization for Storage Mechanism of the Public Blockchain Based on Redundant Residual Number System No relevant discussion and outside the field of sharding
118 0 Fission: A Provably Fast, Scalable, and Secure Permissionless Blockchain Focus on reducing message prop. relays No relevant discussion
119 0 Reliable Inter-Blockchain Protocol for improving scalability Paper not available
120 0 A State-aware Proof of Stake Consensus Protocol for Power System Resilience No relevant discussion.
121 0 SkyEye: A Traceable Scheme for Blockchain Not relevant
122 1 A Fair Selection Protocol for Committee-based Permissionless Blockchains relevant
123 0 Incentive Analysis of Bitcoin-NG, Revisited No relevant discussion
124 0 Boros: Secure Cross-Channel Transfers via Channel Hub No relevant discussion
125 1 Bootstrapping Consensus Without Trusted Setup: Fully Asynchronous Distributed Key Generation Bootstrapping
126 1 SharPer: Sharding Permissioned Blockchains Over Network Clusters Relevant discussion
127 0 Scalable Blockchain Protocol Based on Proof of Stake and Sharding No relevant discussion
128 0 Charlotte: Composable Authenticated Distributed Data Structures, Technical Report No relevant discussion
129 0 Verifiable and Auditable Digital Interchange Framework No relevant discussion
130 0 Towards Private, Robust, and Verifiable Crowdsensing Systems via Public Blockchains No relevant discussion
131 1 Multichain-MWPoW: A Adversary Power Resistant Blockchain Sharding Approach to a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation Architecture Might provide some relevant discussion
132 0 Contract-connection: An efficient communication protocol for Distributed Ledger Technology No relevant discussion
133 1 A Secure and Practical Blockchain Scheme for IoT Compares it self with rapidchain
134 1 An n/2 Byzantine node tolerate Blockchain Sharding approach A successor?
135 0 ShallowForest: Optimizing All-to-All Data Transmission in WANs No relevant discussion
136 0 BAASH: Enabling Blockchain-as-a-Service on High-Performance Computing Systems No relevant discussion
137 0 Elastico as an ordering service in Hyperledger Fabric No relevant discussion
138 1 Load Balancing for Sharded Blockchains load balancing
139 0 A Study on Security and Privacy related Issues in Blockchain Based Applications No relevant discussion
140 1 Progress on the Use of Sharding to Enhance Blockchain Scalability very relevant. Compares elastico omniledger and rapidchain.
141 0 Blockchain System for 5G Network Sharing No relevant discussion
142 0 On the information theory of clustering, registration, and blockchains No relevant discussion
143 1 0 GARET: improving throughput using gas consumption-aware relocation in Ethereum sharding environments
144 0 Improving the Efficiency of Blockchain Applications with Smart Contract based Cyber-insurance Not relevant
145 0 Scalable and Efficient Data Authentication for Decentralized Systems Does not cite rapidchain, and no relevant discussion.
146 0 Blockchain enabled Named Data Networking for Secure Vehicle-to-Everything Communications No relevant discussion
147 0 Permissioned Blockchain Through the Looking Glass: Architectural and Implementation Lessons Learned Permissioned and No relevant discussion
148 0 Fides: Managing Data on Untrusted Infrastructure Not relevant
149 0 Do you need a blockchain in construction? Use case categories and decision framework for DLT design options Not relevant
150 0 Microchain: a Light Hierarchical Consensus Protocol for IoT System No relevant discussion
151 0 A Robust Throughput Scheme for Bitcoin Network without Block Reward No relevant discussion
152 1 New Mathematical Model to Analyze Security of Sharding-Based Blockchain Protocols Analysis
153 0 GCBlock: A Grouping and Coding Based Storage Scheme for Blockchain System Not relevant
154 0 Comparison Between Bitcoin and Quarkchain Full paper not accessible
155 0 Projektbericht für die QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH, Bonn Not in english
3 45


author: @0xricksanchez, source commit


The sole purpose of this repository is to help me organize recent academic papers related to fuzzing, binary analysis, IoT security, and general exploitation. This is a non-exhausting list, even though I'll try to keep it updated... Feel free to suggest decent papers via a PR.

Papers and Links

General fuzzing implementations

IoT fuzzing


Kernel fuzzing

Format specific fuzzing


Static Binary Analysis


Surveys, SoKs, and Studies

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