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Blockchain and cryptocurrency Library:

Collection of useful documents about Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain technologies and distributed system.

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Blockchain Books

Blockchain By Example =>

Related repositories and sources

Intro to consensus mechanisms
Excellent serie of Bitcoin article for developers

Academic publications about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology

Evolution of Smart Contract Security in the Ethereum Ecosystem

A list of Ethereum events :

A list of Smart contracts Platforms:

ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain

All about Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Ethereum forum for researchers


Byzantine Paxos

Donation :

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miscellaneous (Links & tools) :

Ethereum conferences Beigepaper A rewrite of the Yellowpaper in non-Yellowpaper syntax.

A curated list of awesome Ethereum security references

Azure Blockchain hands-on lab step-by-step

Principles of Distributed Computing (lecture collection)

Analyzing Cryptocurrency Markets Using Python

Gekko Define your own trading strategy and Gekko will take care of everything else.*

OSTIA : Ostia is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to run algorithmic trading strategies across all major exchanges*

market arbitrage

Prediction: Bitcoin Price Variation

Predicting Bitcoin Price Variations using Bayesian Regression

Cryptocurrency Analysis with Python

Blackbird Bitcoin Arbitrage: a C++ trading system*

Cuckoo Cycle the first graph-theoretic proof-of-work

DeOS Decentralized Operating System

Tribeca A high frequency, market making cryptocurrency trading platform in node.js

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