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Cryptocurrency Icons

This project contains over 7,500 icons – almost 500 crypto currencies, in 4 styles and a range of sizes. Completely free. All we ask is that you don’t claim them as your own, and share this resource with others.

We also have some fiat currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CNY, RUB. (We don't intend to add more)

Images are in the PNG format (transparent) in 32×32, 32×32 (@2x), and 128×128 variants, along with SVG versions.

There's also a generic icon that can be used for cryptocurrencies missing an icon here.

If there is an altcoin you’re looking for that hasn’t been included, please create a new issue.
(We don't accept pull request contributions for new or updated icons at this time. Open an issue and we'll do the icon for you.)

Install 🚀

$ npm install cryptocurrency-icons

You can then import the icons from ./node_modules/cryptocurrency-icons, for example ./node_modules/cryptocurrency-icons/svg/color/kmd.svg.

There's also a manifest.json file included in the package with a list of the currency symbol, the name of the icons and the associated colors.

Special Thanks 👏

Thanks to Christopher Downer for starting this project and all our wonderful contributors.

Used By

We're always happy to see where, and how these icons are used. Feel free to share your creations with us, and we will put you in this list.

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