Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


See for old Git history. I archived the repo and started fresh due to huge Git directory size.

I keep this repo at $HOME/Dropbox/z, and my setup scripts (see below for details) link everything to $HOME/. This repo is laid out exactly the same way as it is in my home directory, with the exception of this readme, the license file, the misc directory, and the .github directory, which don't get symlinked or copied over.

What I Use

  • macOS, Rectangle, stock
  • File manager: Ranger
  • Editor: Vim
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Shell: Bash, with lots of aliases and handy functions. ~/.bashrc mostly just sources a bunch of stuff in ~/.bash/


  • ~/bin/mac-* is all Mac-specific scripts. Several aliases and functions are written to be compatible with both Mac and Linux.
  • The files at misc/*.list are for installing packages.
  • I mostly work with configs, shell scripts, and some Python and Node, so my setup is oriented towards quick navigation and editing.
  • Unless otherwise noted, everything here is under the LGPL-3.0 license.
  • I previously mostly used Ubuntu; the commit removing Linux configs is here.

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