Magento 2 Bash Install/Restore Script
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Magento 2 Bash Install/Restore Script
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Alternatives To M2install
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Magento 2 Bash Install/Restore Script

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This script is designed to simplify the installation process of Magento 2 and rapid deployment of merchant code and DB dumps.

m2install can be a helpful tool for support teams and teams who often need to install or deploy merchant backups or dumps.

The main purpose of this script is run m2install, wait a bit and get a working magento instance. Don't waste time on routine operations.

If you have any issues please report them to https://github.com/yvoronoy/m2install/issues

What can m2install exactly do?

  • Can automatically restore backup files created by
  • php bin/magento setup:backup --code --db
  • Can automatically restore support dumps created by Enterpsie Support Tool
  • php bin/magento support:backup:code (db)
  • Script can automatically install vanilla magento


Download latest version by curl

curl -o m2install.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yvoronoy/m2install/master/m2install.sh

You can install by composer

composer require yvoronoy/m2install

In case you are using bash completion you can download completion for this script.

#For Linux User
curl -o /etc/bash_completion.d/m2install-bash-completion https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yvoronoy/m2install/master/m2install-bash-completion

#For OSX User with brew
curl -o /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/m2install-bash-completion https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yvoronoy/m2install/master/m2install-bash-completion


$ m2install.sh --help
m2install.sh is designed to simplify the installation process of Magento 2
and deployment of client dumps created by Magento 2 Support Extension.

Usage: m2install.sh [options]
    -h, --help                           Get this help.
    -s, --source (git, composer)         Get source code.
    -f, --force                          Install/Restore without any confirmations.
    --sample-data (yes, no)              Install sample data.
    --ee                                 Install Enterprise Edition.
    --b2b                                Install B2B Extension.
    -v, --version                        Magento Version - it means: Composer version or GIT Branch
    --mode (dev, prod)                   Magento Mode. Dev mode does not generate static & di content.
    --quiet                              Quiet mode. Suppress output all commands
    --skip-post-deploy                   Skip the post deploy script if it is exist
    --step (restore_code,restore_db      Specify step through comma without spaces.
        configure_db,configure_files     - Example: m2install.sh --step restore_db,configure_db
        installB2B --b2b                 - Example: m2install.sh --step installB2B --b2b
        installLiveSearch)               - Example: m2install.sh --step installLiveSearch
    --restore-table                      Restore only the specific table from DB dumps
    --debug                              Enable debug mode
    --php                                Specify path to PHP CLI (php71 or /usr/bin/php71)
    --remote-db                          Remote database name
    --es-host, --elasticsearch-host      Set the Elasticsearch host
    --es-port, --elasticsearch-port      Set the Elasticsearch port
    --uninstall                          Delete database and application from the current folder
    --ee-path (/path/to/ee)              (DEPRECATED use --ee flag) Path to Enterprise Edition.

How to deploy backup/support dumps

In order to deploy the customer dumps you need:

  • Put DB and code dumps to new directory
  • Go to directory and run m2install

How to install Magento 2 using GIT

To install Magento 2 from git repository run m2install with --source git param

  • m2install --source git or
  • m2install -s git

How to install Magento 2 using Composer

To install Magento 2 from composer run m2install with --source composer param

  • m2install --source composer or
  • m2install -s composer

How to Install Magento 2 with Sample Data

  • Run m2install
  • Use wizard to install the sample data.

How to Install Magento 2 with B2B extension

With wizard

  • Run m2install
  • Use wizard to install the B2B

With CLI flags

  • m2install --ee --b2b or
  • m2install --step installB2B --b2b if you already have Magento EE

Remember that you have to install Enterprise Edition to be able to install B2B extension


m2install shows you wizard on first run and prompts to save entered values to config file.

$ m2install.sh 
Current Directory: /Users/yvoronoy/Sites/m2/ee202
Configuration loaded from:
Enter Server Name of Document Root (default: http://mage2.dev/): 
Enter Base Path (default: ee202): 
Enter DB Host (default: localhost): 
Enter DB User (default: root): 
Enter DB Password: 
Enter DB Name (default: root_ee202): 
Do you want to install Sample Data (y/N) n
Enter Path to EE or [nN] to skip EE installation: n
BASE URL: http://mage2.dev/ee202/
DB PARAM: [email protected]
DB NAME: root_ee202
Sample Data will NOT be installed.
Magento EE will NOT be installed.
In order to generate static/di content, add mode param: m2install.sh --mode prod
Are you sure? [y/N] 

How to use configuration files

The config file allows you to store params for DB and URL. Example of config file


When you first run m2install script, it shows wizard which prompts to save the config file to your home directory.

m2install uses fallback mechanism to find config files recursively from home directory to current directory. For example if you want to install magento to directory ~/www/m2/ga/magento2ee

you can override config file which is placed in your home directory.


How to use ssh tunnels for remote DB connection

Make sure that you have correct parameters in .m2install.conf file Parameters example:

[email protected]

As a result you will get:

ssh -i /Users/path/to/ssh_key -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -4fN -L 33060:mysql-host:3306 [email protected] >> /dev/null

All created ssh tunnels pids located in file kill_tunnel.sh in Magento root folder (or pub)

To run you will need only code dump file (Example code.tar.gz).

m2install.sh --remote-db database_name

Make attention that in --remote-db database_name first part before "_" is database user name

Make attention that in bootstrap added SECURE and UNSECURE BASE_URL to prevent DB modification

$_ENV['CONFIG__DEFAULT__WEB__UNSECURE__BASE_URL'] = 'http://magento.local/';
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