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React Native Stories View ⚡

npm version Platform - Android and IOS

A simple and fully customizable React Native components that provides a status/stories feature like Whatsapp, Instagram. For navigation across all the stories you can touch the left or right portion of the screen similar to what we see on Whatsapp or Instagram. The library works seemleslly across both Android as well as IOS platform developed with ❤️ in Typescript & React 🔥.

Feature's include :

  • Progress bar with custom duration & styling options.
  • Story Image view with custom styling options.
  • A fully customizable Header View, you can use default one or pass in your choice of component.
  • A fully customizable Footer View, you can use default one or pass in your choice of component.

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If using yarn:

yarn add react-native-stories-view

If using npm:

npm i react-native-stories-view


For example code, Click here

  • ProgressBar

This individual component can be used to display progressive bar with controlled duration, style & motion. To programatically enable or disable the progress pass boolean value to enableProgress & to change the position of progress use progressIndex prop along with duration prop to control the motion. On every change of propress position onChange function will be invoked for any customization.

   onChange={() => {}}
      barActiveColor: BAR_ACTIVE_COLOR,
      barInActiveColor: BAR_INACTIVE_COLOR,
      barWidth: 100, 
      barHeight: 4
  • StoryContainer

This component provides you with entire functionality of Status/Stories feature along with flexible customization.

Basic Usage

This simply display's only the Progress Bar & the Story view images without any header or footer view. The container can be given style by providing containerStyle props.

import { StoryContainer } from 'react-native-stories-view';

   onComplete={() => alert("onComplete")}
       width: '100%',
       height: '100%',

Header View

You can use the inbuilt header view which can display basic user details by simply providing userProfile props with specified parameters.

// User Information in header
   onComplete={() => alert("onComplete")}
      userImage: PROFILE,
      userName: 'Yuvraj Pandey',
      userMessage: 'Work hard & success will follow !!',
      imageArrow: BACK,
      onImageClick: () => {
         Alert.alert('User profile image tapped');

However if you wish to add your own custom component, you can pass your own component in headerComponent prop and this will replace the header described above.

   onComplete={() => alert("onComplete")}
   headerComponent={<View />}

In case neither of the prop i.e userProfile or headerComponent is passed then header view will be not be displayed.

Footer View

The in built footer view provides you with a reply option where in you can accept user input for the status user just viewed. isShowReply boolean prop can be used to programaically show or hide the footer reply view. The onReplyTextChange & onReplyButtonClick function provides callback for the action performed by the user along with the progressIndex of the particular story currently viewed.

// Reply option in Footer
   onComplete={() => alert("onComplete")}
      isShowReply: true,
      onReplyTextChange: (textReply, progressIndex) => {
          console.log(`Text : ${textReply} , position : ${progressIndex}`);
      onReplyButtonClick: (buttonType, progressIndex) => {
         switch (buttonType) {
            case 'send':
               console.log(`Send button tapped for position : ${progressIndex}`);

             case 'smiley':
               console.log(`Smiley button tapped for position : ${progressIndex}`);

If you have your own custom component to use in Footer, simply pass your component in footerComponent prop as below which will replace the inbuilt Footer with your own custom style.

// Custom Footer component option
   onComplete={() => alert("onComplete")}
   footerComponent={<View />}

However if neither of the prop i.e replyView or footerComponent is passed then footer view will be not be displayed.

Documentation :


PropName PropType Purpose Required
images Array<String> Story images array to render count of bar Mandatory
progressIndex number Starts progress for a particular index item Mandatory
enableProgress Boolean Start/Stop the progress bar motion Optional
duration Number Control's the speed of progress bar Optional
barStyle Object Progress Bar style Optional
barActiveColor String Active progress color Optional
barInActiveColor String In Active progress color Optional
barWidth number Default 100, Always > 10 but < 100 Optional
barHeight number Default 7, Always > 4 but < 10 Optional
onChange Function Function executes after change in progressIndex Optional


PropName PropType Purpose Required
visible Boolean Toggle visibility of Story Container Mandatory
enableProgress Boolean Enable/disable the top progress bar visibility Optional
images Array<String> Story Images Mandatory
duration Number Control's the speed of progress bar Optional
containerStyle Object Container style Optional
onComplete Function Function executes after all status is completed Optional


PropName PropType Purpose Required
userProfile Object Default user detail view Optional
userImage String Image URL Optional
userName String Display's user name Optional
userMessage String Display's user information Optional
imageArrow String Image Url Optional
onImageClick Function Function that executes imageArrow click event Optional
headerComponent Component Custom component Optional


PropName PropType Purpose Required
replyView Object Default reply view with Input text Optional
isShowReply Object Toggle's the display of footer view Mandatory
onReplyTextChange String Callback for user entered text with posotion Optional
onReplyButtonClick String Callback for emoji & send click with posotion Optional
footerComponent Component Custom component Optional

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I am a passionate Engineer which likes to push himself on various fronts of technologies.

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