🌲 Evergreen React UI Framework by Segment
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🛠️⚡ Step-by-step tutorial to build a modern JavaScript stack.
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:hourglass_flowing_sand: A higher order component for loading components with promises.
Evergreen12,162758711 days ago246July 18, 202256mitJavaScript
🌲 Evergreen React UI Framework by Segment
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React-like GUI library for desktop, web, mobile, TUI, and more.
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:recycle: React integration for Apollo Client
Alternatives To Evergreen
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  • Works out of the box. Evergreen contains a set of polished React components that work out of the box.

  • Flexible & composable. Evergreen components are built on top of a React UI Primitive for endless composability.

  • Enterprise-grade. Evergreen features a UI design language for enterprise-grade web applications.

Documentation & Community

Evergreen v7 Migration guide

Evergreen v7 migration guide

Install and use components

🌲 Evergreen is made up of multiple components and tools which you can import one by one. All you need to do is install the evergreen-ui package:

$ yarn add evergreen-ui
# or
$ npm install --save evergreen-ui

A working version, assuming you are using something like Create React App, might look like this:

import React from 'react'
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
import { Button } from 'evergreen-ui'

ReactDOM.render(<Button>I am using 🌲 Evergreen!</Button>, document.getElementById('root'))

Core values of 🌲 Evergreen

  • Evergreen is built on the belief that you can never predict all future requirements, only prepare for it. Instead of creating fixed configurations that work today, Evergreen promotes building systems that anticipate new and changing design requirements.

  • Evergreen is built on the belief that things should work out of the box with smart defaults, but also offer full control when needed. For example, Evergreen uses CSS-in-JS and builds on top of the Box component in ui-box.

  • Evergreen is built on the belief that using Evergreen and contributing to Evergreen should be a pleasant experience. We prioritize documentation and all the tools for a solid developer experience. We advocate respect and inclusivity in our writings and interactions.


Theming support?

Evergreen supports a robust theming layer out of the box. You can check out these docs for more information regarding theming in Evergreen.

How does Server Side Rendering (SSR) work?

Evergreen offers easy Server Side Rendering (SSR) and automatic hydration.

Evergreen bundles its own CSS-in-JS solution from ui-box. To make it super easy to do server side rendering and hydration, Evergreen exposes a extractStyles() function.

Contributing to Evergreen

Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for more information on how to contribute!

🎉 Contributors

We will add you to the list if you make any meaningful contribution!

  • Jeroen Ransijn
  • Roland Warmerdam
  • Ben McMahon
  • Matt Shwery
  • Colin Lohner
  • Allen Kleiner
  • Chris Chuck
  • Brandon Scott
  • ... many other on the Segment team and open-source contributors

This project is maintained by Segment

Please take a look at the contributing guide to better understand what to work on.

👏 Respect earns Respect

Please respect our Code of Conduct, in short:

  • Using welcoming and inclusive language
  • Being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences
  • Gracefully accepting constructive criticism
  • Focusing on what is best for the community
  • Showing empathy towards other community members


Evergreen is released under the MIT license. The BlueprintJS icons are licensed under a custom Apache 2.0 license.

Copyright © 2021 Segment.io, Inc.

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