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A beautiful site navigation bar to be proud of. Powered by styled components inspired by 🎉

Check out the live preview here (powered by now).


Your search for the perfect site navigation bar ends here. Finally a world class navigation bar you can use straight out of the box. Why use this package?

  • Beautiful animations
  • Automatic viewport detection and correction so flyouts never get rendered off screen
  • Completely customisable
  • Powered by css grid, css animations and styled components

No more compromises. Welcome to react-site-nav.


yarn add react-site-nav


import React from 'react';
import {Switch, Link, Route} from 'react-router-dom';
import SiteNav, {ContentGroup} from 'react-site-nav'; // 1. Do this
import Home from './home';
import MyStory from './myStory';

export default () =>
      {/* 2. Add SiteNav with ContentGroup as children */}
        <ContentGroup title="About" height="200">
          {/* 3. You can add anything in a ContentGroup */}
            {/* react router link! */}
            <li><Link to="/my-story">My Story</Link></li>
            <li>Another list item</li>
        <ContentGroup title="Contact" height="200">
          Free text followed by some links.<br/>
          <a href="mailto:[email protected]">Email</a><br/>
          <a href="">Github</a>
        <Route exact path="/" component={Home}/>
        <Route path="/my-story" component={MyStory}/>

Check the two examples for a fully working spa with react router, server side rendering and hot reload.



The main react component that represents the site nav. The root container is a css grid so most of the props below maps directly to this grid and should be self-explanatory. Place ContentGroup components as children of SiteNav to render the "flyouts".

    align="center" /* center, left, right. This directly maps to justify-content of the root grid. */
    fontFamily="Helvetica, sans-serif"
    contentBackground="#fff" /* Applies to all content groups */
    contentColor="#323232" /* Applies to all content groups */
    contentTop="0" /* Adjusts the distance between ContentGroups and root items */
    breakpoint="768" /* Show site nav at this breakpoint */
    debug={false} /* Keep ContentGroups open to make debugging easier */
    { /* These will render as flyouts */}


Each SiteNav contains ContentGroup children components. Each ContentGroup will be rendered as a "flyout" on hover of the root items. It accepts the following props which are self-explanatory.

    rootUrl="https://some/link" /* Optional. Render root item as a link */
    background="white" /* Optional. Overrides SiteNav contentBackground property */
    /* You can render anything here! */

To render a root item as a link without a ContentGroup, you can do this:

  <ContentGroup title="Open Source" rootUrl="" />

By not specifying width and height, SiteNav assumes you just want to render the root item without a ContentGroup. Of course you can have a linked root item plus a ContentGroup. Just specify either a width or a height so SiteNav knows you want to render the group.

  <ContentGroup title="Open Source" rootUrl="" height="200">
      /* You can render anything here! */

Check the demo in my blog.

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