Collecting, analyzing, visualizing & paper trading options market data
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Machine Learning in Asset Management (by @firmai)
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📈 Personae is a repo of implements and environment of Deep Reinforcement Learning & Supervised Learning for Quantitative Trading.
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Collecting, analyzing, visualizing & paper trading options market data
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An open source simulated options brokerage and UI for paper trading, algorithmic interfaces and backtesting.
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The Greatest Collection of anything related to finance and crypto
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This project is a loose implementation of paper "Algorithmic Financial Trading with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks: Time Series to Image Conversion Approach"
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Stock Market Forecasting: Using Technical Indicators for Price Movement Predictions.
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creat your own paper trading server
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Source files to replicate experiments in my SigDial paper and JSAI paper.
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  1. Most files in this repo are under maintenance, REFER only to mine.py, token_refresh.py, test_trade.py
  2. If you want stock data simultanously, run test_trade.py. it is not finished though
  3. The file paths in my code work for MacOS, if on windows you will have to edit all the file paths


  1. mining - retrieve raw options data with TD ameritrade APIs - Directions bellow are for this
  2. analyzing - researching trends and paper trading spreads
  3. visualizing - graphing data and trading results with matplotlib and Tableau


a) create a developer account on this link. https://developer.tdameritrade.com/apis.

  • Create/register an App

b) pip install td-ameritrade-python-api

c) run token_refresh.py to produce the td_state.json credentials file. YouTube video to help: skip to minute 22!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N1IxYXs4e8&t=1138s&ab_channel=SigmaCoding

d) In your working directory make a 'Data' for data storage The tables created in mine.py will have the columns specified in the columns_wanted array. * If you want to remove a column, cut it out of columns_wanted and paste it in columns_unwanted. * If you want to add a column, cut it out of columns_unwated and paste it in columns_wanted. * All possible columns must be accounted for in both arrays.

  • In the stocks array, edit this list to collect options for any stock you want

  • in main(), change the argument in last_chain(#) to how many weeks of data u want. -> to_date = str(last_chain(5))

e) Run mine.py right before market opens. ~09:25 EST

After getting familiar with the mine script, refer to test_trade how where to insert your own trading logic

Future addons:

  1. live trading
  2. back testing
  3. gui to activate and deactive different trading algos and keep track of paper portfolio
  4. twitter sentiment
  5. econmic models to predict market volatility
  6. adding to a variety of different trading systems
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