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React Agent is a JavaScript library for your client store, server querying, and database management. It can be included in any React project without conflict with other state management tools or REST APIs.

React Agent is easy to learn.

Here's the basic idea: the client runs 'actions' that are defined on the server-side.

// client.js
run(‘setMessage’, { message: ‘Hello World’ })

// server.js
setMessage: {
    action: ‘INSERT INTO messages(text) VALUES(:message)’

These actions can be as powerful as you want -- i.e. CRUD operations, API calls, and authentication. Moreover, clients can subscribe to server-side actions so that they receive live updates.

React Agent includes offline-support to render optimistic updates and then synchronization on reestablished network connection. It also features time travel debugging.

Why use React Agent?

The popular conceptualization of state management stores state in two places: data on the client-side and data on the server-side.

To connect these, front-end and back-end developers usually write a lot of code such as HTTP requests, controllers, and routes. It can get complicated. previous

In contrast, React Agent serves as a communication channel between the client and the server. It abstracts state transfer to make it super easy to interact between the client and server. now


Here's our full API documentation.

Getting Started

Install the package:

npm install react-agent --save

See React Agent for information about client-side set-up.

Install the package:

npm install react-agent-server --save

See React Agent Server for information about server-side set-up.



Please submit issues/pull requests if you have feedback or message the React Agent team to be added as a contributor: [email protected]



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details

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