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jQuery History

Super-seeded by - jQuery History allows you to easily track changes of the pages state by tracking URL Hashes. Supports changes triggered by bookmarks and back & forward buttons, as well as cross browser support.


Refer to the demo and the source code

Query Strings

If you would like to have a QueryString in your hash and fetch the contents of it. So for example we have:


And we would like to extract b. Then we can do:

var hashData = hash.queryStringToJSON();
console.log(hashData); // {a:true,b:false}
console.log(hashData.a); // true
console.log(hashData.b); // false

But first, you will have to download the queryStringToJSON function from within here:

And place it within your own code. It is not included within jQuery History by default, as it is not essential.


You can discover the history inside the file


Licensed under the MIT License
Copyright © 2008-2010 Benjamin Arthur Lupton


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