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PHP iCalendar is a PHP-based iCal file viewer/parser to display iCals in a Web browser. Its based on v2.0 of the IETF spec. It displays iCal files in a nice logical, clean manner with day, week, month, and year navigation. It is available in 13 languages and includes support for printing, searching and RSS news feeds. If you need a Calendar application (for creating calendar files), please check the 'Supported Calendar Applications' section of the README.


E-mail the developers and others on the list at: [email protected]


  • Put PHP iCalendar into your Sites folder (or another web directory)
  • PHP iCalendar works 'out of the box' but you may want to configure some things
  • see section below called "Configuration".
  • Put your iCal files into the directory you specify in (default is "calendars")
  • Make sure PHP is enabled (
  • Turn on Web sharing (if not already on)
  • View calendars in your web browser If it is in your Sites folder, the URL would be: http://localhost/~username/phpicalendar


Starting with version 2.24, PHPicalendar uses a default settings file, which you can overrule with your own configuration settings.

View The comments behind each variable definition will tell you what each setting does. Change the values between the quotation marks to change the setting of that variable. If there are restrictions as to what that variable can be set to, the comment behind will specify them.


If you have difficulty with your configuration, you can ask the developers and other PHP iCalendar users at the PHP iCalendar forums:

Creating calendars and events:

PHP iCalendar DOES NOT create or edit calendars (or events). Instead it provides a way to view calendars from applications that generate valid IETF 2445 files (.ics). Some of the supported applications are:

- Apple iCal
- Mozilla Calendar
- Ximian Evolution
- KOrganizer
- WinDates 5.0


If you find a bug, please let us know. The easiest way for you to do this is to visit our Bug Tracker on SourceForge. This guarantees that we both look at it and take time to figure out what is causing it. You can submit bugs at the following URL:


Got an idea? Great! Just like with Bugs, there is a Features Tracker over on SourceForge. Please use that to sumbit feature requests. That way, you can see what others have suggested so you don't duplicate requests, and it will give us a chance to keep the features that haven't been implemented in one central place that we can find later. The tracker can be found at the following URL:


This product is distributed under the GPL. Please read through the file COPYING for more information about our license.


2.4 Security fixes: More ICS input sanitizing; prevent HTML/XSS injection Bug fixes: Webcal caching now works like local caching with save_parsed_cals Performance improvements with remote calendars; reducing the number of file reads/HTTP requests made for each calendar Print view missing some events Setting time format in preferences page Default calendar selections in listbox picker Timezone DST calculation with all-day events Handling dates before 1970 Log in cookie handling; thanks gueba! Log out URL containing multiple ampersands Parsed calendars used the wrong file name for "all calendars" Recurring events across multiple versions of PHP; thanks to Len and gueba! Better handling of URLs and email addresses in event descriptions Navigation forms breaking PHP transparent SID Fix strange characters displayed in Locations with % characters Fix Bug 2968512 - wrong display in week view, events shifted New features: Event information displayed with Nice Titles Fixes line breaks and some HTML in event tooltips Attendee/organizer parsing and email address hyperlinking Better display of tabs/line breaks in calendar events Strip "blocked" protocols, added by some mail servers Translations: Updates to Czech translation Updates to French translation Remove UTF-8 BOM from German language files Remove UTF-8 BOM from Korean language files Theme changes: Change month view navigation to a sidebar All pages inherit the width specified in the CSS "maintable" class Different row borders in day/week views for :00, :15, :30 and :45 All-day events in week view has tighter spacing Navigation arrows in all pages

2.31 Fix events ending at midnight bug in day view Fix publish.php for 2.3 config system add option to hide location in month view add option to make individual events downloadable from event view Fix calendar showing modified events twice Make multiline descriptions display with line breaks in event popup Fix German language file 2.3 Major changes to recurrence handling Added more languages Added login to month view Consolidated common rss functions

2.24 Fix bug 1681711 - change how todo popups are handled Fix bug 1632649 - year display Fix location display in months Partially fix language files for Polish, Esperanto, Traditional Chinese Sanitizer bug fixes Fix status bug for publish.php 2.23 New language files Add input sanitizer - important for blocking XSS attacks Change template.php to reduce memory usage Change template.php to display locations in month view Change template.php display in print and month views of events that span multiple days to not repeat listing Fix (I hope) utf-8 rendering problems in event.php Allow admins to set whether link from rss feed goes to day.php or event.php Patch to allow parsing of MS-Outlook generated ics files where line continuation uses tab instead of space. 2.23rc1 Change parsing of timezones to accommodate extra text from Mozilla and other calendars Move getdate to Change date calcs so that rss feeds can list events across more than one year. Bug fixes Fixed error in german language file Change naming of saved parsed cals to allow same calname with different cpath Changes to calculation of next datetimes to work with php5.1 variants Fix index.php to allow year as default view display version on admin index page fix overlapping events bug fix path problems in template.php

2.22 template.php will look in templates/default if a file is missing from templates/$template add support for WKST and BYPOS tags change popup to not require reparsing cal files differentiate cookie names for different installs on the same host allow image tags in events use real calendar names instead of filenames Year printview Added sidebar to year view Modified rss/index.php -bug fixes from 2.21 Suppress lots of warnings and notices all combined selection of webcals passing of webcals in calendar links More items controlled by language files Problem with webcals with encoded spaces in URL Fixes related to various recurring event combinations Fix security hole for getting template file from cookies 2.21 -patched security hole -bug fixes from 2.2 Modified rss.php to improve compatibility

-Modified templates to validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional

2.2 -Added Apple iCal native repository support. -Added support for finding calendars in subdirectories. -Can now select multiple local and web calendars. -rss.php new feed types for different kinds of date ranges changed handling of multi-day events -bug fixes from 2.1 handling of webcals popup encoding display when individual calendars displayed

2.1 -Updated languages: Finnish -RSS feeds display as previously indended. -Updated languages: Finnish, Norwegian, French -Todo popup respects CHARSET -Allows multiple calendar selection. -Search box can be made to go away. -Cookie vulnerbility fixed (credit: aScii) -Fix for occasionally broken popups. -Various bug fixes.

2.0.1 -Event URLs display without LOCATION. -Fixed VTIMEZONE dates on Windows IIS. -Event popup respect CHARSET -Tabs parsed into   -Search links work again. -Search cleaned up. -Weekly repeating events display better. -Slashes stripped from event popups.

2.0 c -Enhanced error messaging system. -New Open Source Documentation. -All links now have titles for mouseovers. -Added Afrikaans Language. -Todos can be turned off again. -Month bottom can be turned off again. -Preferences page can be turned off. -Todos won't show private todos. -RSS page respects https servers.

2.0 beta -Updated translations: -Japanese -Swedish -French -Dutch -Traditional Chinese -Lithuanian -Portugese -Added iCal specific publish.php. -Fixed stat bug. -PHP5 support added. -Admin page works again. -Admin page moved to its own folder. -Oct. to Nov. transition more reliable. -RSS handles files with spaces. -Faster template generation. -Requires PHP 4.1.0 or greater now. -Various Bug fixes.

2.0 alpha 2 -Mozilla calendars work again. -Todos work again. -Enhanced error messaging system. -Webcals can be cached for greater performance. -Support for 7 colors and 14 calendars by default. -Italian and Spanish translations added. -Some authentication issues resolved. -Change your charset in config. -Better Evolution compatibility. -Better RSS Feeds. -Various Bug fixes.

2.0 alpha -New templating system. -Workaround for events starting between 0000 and 0100. -Removed all styles except for default. -Moved all HTML to XHTML. -Revamped CSS. -Added legends and calendar colors. -HTTP authentication added for admin.php. -Sessions added for locked calendars. -Mozilla calendar support added to publish.php. -RSS supports ports other than 80. -RSS respects $calendar_path. -YEARLY repeating events display better. -All Calendars Combined can now be cached for greater performance. -Parsing engine now twice as fast. -Various bug fixes.

1.1 -Fixed a bug with HTTP authentication. -Fixed a bug with multiple timezones in the same calendar. -Added workarounds for dates prior to 1970. -Fix for moving event information. -Fix for adding newlines in Location field.

1.0 -Added return false to popups. -Added workaround for improperly set DTSTART dates.

1.0 RC-2 -Fixed all reported bugs. -Added failed login dialog for config authentication. -RSS and Admin pages do not fail parsing.

1.0 RC-1 -Fixed all reported bugs. -Event and Todo popup now displays calendar name. -Event popup now supports more than 1024 characters. -Subscribe and download links now work again. -URL support added for popups. -Added config based calendar authentication.

0.9.5 -Fixed all reported bugs. -Added a method to publish without Webdav in iCal. calendars/publish.php -Added ability to set 'bleed time' for events that run past midnight.

0.9.4 -Vastly improved BYDAY, BYMONTHDAY, BYYEARDAY support. -Improved DURATION Support. -Smaller HTML footprint on all pages with same look and feel. -Combined Calendars automatically refresh when changes are made. -Vtodo popup works again. -Validation increased on multiple pages. -Fixed a bug not listing blacklisted calendars. -Moved HTML head into to better support embedding of calendar. -Moved HTML foot into to better support embedding of calendar. -Specify the name of 'All Calendars Combined' in language files.

0.9.3 -Multiple calendar support (up to 8). -Fixed pesky
tags in event popup. -Added Esperanto language. -Major bug fixes. -Last to support Netscape 4.x

0.9.2 -Fixed an extra .php on the preferences page. -Increased validations on many pages. -Added support for CLASS (public, private, and confidential). -Added support for LOCATION -Added support for ATTENDEE -Added support for ORGANIZER -Added support for STATUS -New javascript functions provide additional information. -Added the ability to correct the servers time display -Added admin.php for administration of calendars (uses cookies). See for configuration. -Add or Update a calendar via a web interface -Delete a calendar via a web interface

0.9.1 -Added unset preferences -Cookies now fall back to defaults if data is bad. -Fixed a bug with the latest version of Ximian. -Added the ability to hard-set cookie-uri and download-uri. -Added Catalan and Tranditional Chinese languages. -Back button on preferences page now works. -Allow_Preferences option now works.

0.9 -Added complete VTODO support. -Added STATUS support for VEVENT and VTODO. -Added RSS auto-detection on day, week, month, and year pages. -Added year view icon. -Added Finnish and Czech language support. -Added Preferences page (uses cookies). -Select defualt language -Select default calendar -Select default view -Select default theme -Select default start day -Select default start time -Print view can now be set for your default view. -Updated silver and red styles. -Calendars can now be stored outside of phpicalendar's installation. -Cleaned up folders for easier installation. -Minor interface enhancements. -Minor bug fixes

0.8.1 -Added for custom headers. -Added Brazilian language support. -Fixed a bug with some of the style sheets not displaying correctly. -Fixed a bug with RSS not properly validating. -Fixed a bug with Search returning errors on some characters. -Brought some languages up to 0.8 translations. -Added support for "last X in month" -Fixed many small bugs.

0.8 -Added search capability. -Added a Printer Friendly view for Day, Week, and Month. -Added support for single event changes in a recurring set. -Added RSS feeds for Day, Week, and Month. -Added Portugese language support. -Added 'clickable links' for web addresses. -Tweeked Red and Grey styles. -Fixed a bug causing Sunday to be listed twice. -Fixed a bug preventing < 4.1.0 php users to run app. -Fixed a bug displaying quotes in summary. -Fixed many other bugs (none open on SF!!)

0.7 -Added Year view. -New themes, Green, Orange, Grey, and Tan. -Parses calendars much faster. -Page titles added for bookmarking. -Fixed bug not letting notes to fully display. -Fixed bug in recurring all-day events. -Fixed a bug for showing &'s and #'s in the javascript. -Greatly improved Mozilla Calendar support. -Overlapping events now display better. -Added complete timezone support (See TIMEZONE file for details). -A new website for PHP iCalendar. -Many bug fixes.

0.6 -Added this README! -Greatly improved CSS for "themes", theme SDK available. -HTML bug fixes specific to Windows browsers -All-day and Regular recurring event both support all types -Bottom of month view updated -Day, Week, Month navigation brought back. -Localization update -Localized dates and times work with Mac OS X as well as other *nixes. -Almost all text has been translated for supported languages -Added Spanish and Swedish -Added ability to turn off the pop-up menu calendar list -Added "black-listing" of specific local calendars -Added remote calendar support -Subscribe to calendars hosted remotely and have them show up in your popup -Allow any URL of a calendar to be parsed by your server -Added custom error page for user-friendly error messages. -Added saving of parsed files to separate files for faster processing -Custom options for mini-calendars, this months, events -Bug fixes

0.5 -Improved recurring event support -All-day and Regular recurring events now obey ending dates and counts -Regular recurring events for monthly -New UI -Mini-calendars in all views -Jump-to pop-ups for Weeks and Months -Subscribe works properly -Color coding on month view -Week view colors the length of the time like day -Support for event notes/descriptions -More language support -Danish -Dutch -Italian -Japanese -Norwegian -Bug fixes

0.4 -Improved recurring event support -All-day recurring for all types -Regular recurring events for daily, weekly -Event pop-ups -More style sheets -Multiple language support -English -French -German -Polish -24-hour clock support -Bug fixes

0.3 -Calendar list popup -All-day yearly recurring support -Bug fixes

0.2 -All-day event support -Added month and week views -Bug fixes

0.1 -Initial Release

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