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Timegrid helps contractors and customers to find the perfect meeting time through online appointments.

Timegrid Backoffice Dashboard Screenshot


  • Built with Laravel 5.3 framework for PHP
  • Classic and oAuth2 Sign-in/Sign-up with Socialite
  • Business management
    • Clients Addressbook
    • Services
    • Staff
    • Availability
    • Appointments
  • Calendar sharing through iCalendar link
  • Scheduling view with fullcalendar
  • Self-service reservation with datepicker
  • Basic email notifications
  • i18n Support
  • Multiple Timezones Support
  • Live chat with TidioChat
  • Admin GUI with AdminLTE Twitter Bootstrap 3 based theme.

Future features here


Read the wiki


Read the INSTALLING section.

Get started in 10 min with a Docker image for development environment.


Current supported user interface languages are:

  • American English (en_US)
  • Spanish (es_ES and es_AR)
  • Italian (it_IT)
  • French (fr_FR)
  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Armenian (am_HY)

Feel free to contribute with your preferred translation!

Appointment Library

Timegrid uses Concierge package for dealing with appointments.

Timegrid Mindmap


Timegrid is developed and maintained by Ariel Vallese.


Contributions are welcome. Please read the following notes.

Special Thanks & Credits


Timegrid is open-sourced software licensed under the AGPL

May all beings be happy.

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