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🐭 XFCE panel generic monitor scripts
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Xfce4 Genmon Scripts113
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🐭 XFCE panel generic monitor scripts
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Alternatives To Xfce4 Genmon Scripts
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Beautify your XFCE panel by addding these awesome scripts in xfce4-genmon-plugin wrappers.


Filename Preview Tooltip Preview On Click Action
smart-watch-battery-panel.sh swbattery
battery-panel.sh battery battery-tooltip battery-gui
cleaner-panel.sh cleaner cleaner-gui cleaner-gui-2
cpu-panel.sh cpu cpu-tooltip cpu-gui
datetime-panel.sh datetime datetime-tooltip
die-panel.sh die
disk-panel.sh disk disk-tooltip
eject-panel.sh eject eject-gui
kernel-panel.sh kernel kernel-tooltip
memory-panel.sh memory memory-tooltip memory-gui
network-panel.sh network network-tooltip
pacman-panel.sh pacman pacman-tooltip
power-panel.sh power power-gui
spotify-panel.sh spotify spotify-tooltip Gain focus on spotify window
Recommended Properties

To get started, you need a horizontal xfce4-panel with 28p row size and 100% length (recommended, suits better).

Command Font Period (s)
/path/to/smart-watch-battery-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 30
/path/to/battery-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 1.75
/path/to/cleaner-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 3600
/path/to/cpu-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 1.50
/path/to/datetime-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 1.00
/path/to/die-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 2.75
/path/to/disk-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 5.00
/path/to/eject-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 3600
/path/to/kernel-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 3600
/path/to/memory-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 1.00
/path/to/network-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 2.25
/path/to/pacman-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 3600
/path/to/power-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 3600
/path/to/spotify-panel.sh xos4 Terminus Bold 18 1.00


You just need xfce4-panel and xfce4-genmon-plugin. Additional requirements are mentioned inside the scripts.


Clone the project git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/xtonousou/xfce4-genmon-scripts.git.

Add one Generic Monitor for each widget and place it wherever you want.

Finally, edit its properties and add bash /full/path/to/widget-panel.sh. For suggested period(s) and fonts, refer to "Recommended Properties"

TIP: Monitor the CPU and Memory usage of its widget (Generic Monitor) and adjust its properties (increase period)


The icons that are packaged with this software are part of the MaterialDesign project. These icons are provided as-is without any change.

Please refer here for the respective license.


Smart Watch Battery Panel

In order to use smart-watch-battery-panel.sh you need to use a crontab or a systemd timer to generate the required information.

crontab -e
* * * * * /usr/bin/env bash /path/to/xfce4-genmon-scripts/adb-info.sh $(arp -e -n | awk "/98:28:a6:dd:00:8c/{print \$1}") battery ticwatch
  1. Replace the MAC address with the correct one. Hint: Use arp -n -a to get the MAC address.
  2. Replace the 3rd argument ticwatch, with a unique name that describes your device.


This project is licensed under GPL(v3) or later.

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