📦 XOOPSCube - Web Application Platform - Simple, Secure, Scalable
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📦 XOOPSCube - Web Application Platform - Simple, Secure, Scalable
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X-Updare Store License: GPL v2 License Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. X-Updare Store

XOOPSCube Legacy :: XCL Bundle Package 2.3

Simple, Secure and Scalable

Web Application Platform and Content Management System

XOOPSCube Legacy (XCL) is a free open-source Web Application Platform (WAP) well suited for general purpose with a low code development approach maintained on GitHub. The XCL bundle package is designed for easy usage to benefit from the performance of XCube Core and the most popular web server stack: Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Active branches in GitHub

Active branch for all new features and bug fixes (PHP74, PHP8).
Keep a tested high quality, up-to-date master/main branch for releases.

Branch PHP Version Commit / Pull request
Master PHP 7.4. - PHP 8.0 Release Candidate (RC)
Smarty3 PHP 7.4. - PHP 8.0 Smarty v3 bug fixes


XCL bundle package features out of the box

  • X-elFinder file manager with WYSIWYG editors (code, graphics)
    Cloud Storage : Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP, and more.
    GUI-based Composer to install cloud packages and dependencies
  • X-Update Manager : get and deploy deploy from stores in GitHub,
    Gitlab or any other public or private, local or remote repository.
  • Duplicatable modules :
    Content Management System (CMS), forums, knowledge management systems,
    and multiple blogs management (e.g. WordPress) .


Get Started

Installation Wizard

The XCL bundle package is designed to run smoothly on any local server environment bundle LAMP, MAMP, XAMPP, dedicated server, virtual private server (VPS) or shared hosting. Running a local instance (Linux, macOS, Windows) and deploying to your dedicated server or shared hosting is fairly easy.
The following guide focuses on the user-friendly Web installation wizard

  1. Create a database (MySQL or MariaDB) InnoDB collation utf8mb4
  2. Clone or Unzip the package files in your root directory
  3. Browse to your website URL
  4. Follow the steps in the Installer
Wizard Installation

The XOOPSCube Project Celebrates The 20th Anniversary


Server Database Language
Apache version 2.4.+ MySQL version 5.7.+ PHP version 7.4.+

https://apache.org/ https://www.mysql.com/ https://php.net/


Post-installation checklist

Once the installation wizard completed, your website is preconfigured with default configuration settings. These settings refer to the pre-existing value of a user-configurable setting that is assigned to your web application platform. Therefore, you need to perform some post-installation tasks before launching your new website. These include setting up the site name and slogan, customizing meta tags (SEO), allowing visitors to register, and user group permissions. More detailed documents are available and highlighted throughout the built-in Help.

  • From the Admin Control Panel, set your preferences (your site is closed by default)
  • Install modules, blocks or create custom blocks (HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP) to specific modules pages
  • Create new user groups and set permissions
  • Customize meta tags (SEO)
  • Manage translations and localization


XOOPSCube - XCube Core

XOOPSCube was started from scratch and the minimalist XCube Core source code is released under the BSD licence.

XOOPSCube - Package Legacy

XOOPSCube Legacy source code which is a set of modules to ensure compatibility with old versions of Xoops2 is released under a GPL licence.


The source code of XOOPSCube Legacy is available on Github

XOOPSCube Legacy packages are available at downloads


XOOPSCube features a built-in "Help" documentation and Action search function.

Legacy API documentation
Previous version of the subsystem API generated by Apigen 2.7.0




XOOPS Cube Legacy is open source project community driven.
We encourage everyone in the community to contribute their knowledge and expertise.
enhancement request
bug report

The Contributors

The XOOPSCube project and available distributions have been developed and supported by a group of volunteers with a multidisciplinary approach and multicultural collaboration providing a variety of different perspectives and ideas to consider in future development and design.

We encourage all members of the open source community to promote curiosity in learning and encourage the adoption of these core values: integrity, passion and respect.

10key Aaki Argon Asunta Bandit-x
@argon358 Bindi @Bluemooninc @Domifara Fugafuga
Gara @Gigamaster GIJOE @Gusagi Halt
@Hamanaka Hiroki @Kujiy Hxrr JardaR
Jidaikobo @Kilica kimura363 Leco Lumbago
Marijuana @Marine123 Mat @Matchan Metal
@mikhail-miguel Minahito Moegiiro @Mumincacao Masarap
@Naao @Nao-pon @Neko88 @nobunobuta Nor
@Nbuy (Nobu) @Ohsepoa @OhYear @Ohwada Okuhiki
@Onokazu @Orrisroot Otneg @Plusangel @Pcboy
Roger @RyujiAMANO Sacchan Sak-Axyz Salamander
Shige-p Shiraga @shirosaki Slayer_cg @Sohgo
Sow @Suin @Toemon @Tokitam @Tohokuaiki
Tom_g3x Tomoro Wanderer Wanikoo

When you know who you are, you know what to do, you know what story to tell, and the stories that you want to hear and see. We share the essential knowledge and understanding of “open source” necessary to create tools that encourage creativity and free speech.

"Learn everything you can. Try everything that comes along. Look at everything there is to see. Search, experiment, make mistakes, fail, stand up. Turn religious, turn conservative, turn radical. And then forget all about it and find your way to create."

Big Thanks

JetBrains is an active participant in the Open Source community
Big thanks to the JetBrains Team for supporting XOOPSCube Project ^_^/

Big thanks to the JetBrains Team for supporting XOOPSCube Project

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