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A simple web spider frame written by Python, which needs Python3.8+

Features of PSpider

  1. Support multi-threading crawling mode (using threading)
  2. Support using proxies for crawling (using threading and queue)
  3. Define some utility functions and classes, for example: UrlFilter, get_string_num, etc
  4. Fewer lines of code, easyer to read, understand and expand

Modules of PSpider

  1. utilities module: define some utilities functions and classes for multi-threading spider
  2. instances module: define classes of Fetcher, Parser, Saver for multi-threading spider
  3. concurrent module: define WebSpiderFrame of multi-threading spider

Procedure of PSpider

①: Fetchers get TaskFetch from QueueFetch, and make requests based on this task
②: Put the result(TaskParse) of ① to QueueParse, and so Parser can get task from it
③: Parser gets task from QueueParse, and parses content to get new TaskFetchs and TaskSave
④: Put the new TaskFetchs to QueueFetch, and so Fetchers can get task from it again
⑤: Put the TaskSave to QueueSave, and so Saver can get task from it
⑥: Saver gets TaskSave from QueueSave, and saves items to filesystem or database
⑦: Proxieser gets proxies from web or database, and puts proxies to QueueProxies
⑧: Fetcher gets proxies from QueueProxies if needed, and makes requests based on this proxies

Tutorials of PSpider

Installation: you'd better use the first method
(1)Copy the "spider" directory to your project directory, and import spider
(2)Install spider to your python system using python3 install



  1. More Demos
  2. Distribute Spider
  3. Execute JavaScript

If you have any questions or advices, you can commit "Issues" or "Pull requests"

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