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WWDC 2019 Scholarship Submissions

Student submissions for the WWDC 2019 Scholarship

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List of student submissions for the WWDC 2019 scholarship.

Check out the YouTube Playlist to watch the submissions.

To add your own project below, just edit this file and submit a pull request! Please read the PLEASE READ section before submitting.

Name Source Videos Technologies Status
Aaron Cheung GitHub Youtube ARKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation, Foundation Accepted
Abram Situmorang GitHub MetalKit Accepted
Adam Giesinger GitHub CoreML, Vision, UIKit Accepted
Adrian Kashivskyy GitHub AVFoundation, CoreImage, CoreLocation, Metal Accepted
Adrian Labbé GitHub Instagram UIKit, Drag & Drop Submitted
Alan Victor GitHub Youtube SpriteKit, AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Alcides Junior GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Accepted
Alessandro Alberti YouTube SpriteKit, GameplayKit, ARKit, SceneKit Rejected
Alessandro Minopoli Youtube PlaygroundBook, SpriteKit, CoreML, Vision Rejected
Alex Danilenko GitHub Youtube SceneKit Submitted
Alexander Zank GitHub Youtube UIKit Dynamics, AVFoundation, ARKit, SceneKit Accepted
Alexandru Barbulescu GitHub Youtube AVFoundation, Accelerate, Metal Submitted
Aline Borges GitHub Youtube Fractals,NSOperation,UIKit Approved
Allyson Aberg GitHub AVFoundation, Spritekit Accepted
Alysson Façanha GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit Accepted
Amanda Li GitHub ARKit, CoreML, SpriteKit, UIKit Accepted
Anav Mehta GitHub YouTube AVFoundation, SceneKit, AVKit Accepted
Andika Leonardo GitHub QuartzCore, UISceneKit, UIStackView, CGFloat/CGRect Submitted
Andrew Sawyer GitHub SceneKit Submitted
Andy Jiehan Aldicho GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, GameplayKit, AppKit Accepted
Andy Luo GitHub UIKit, Foundation, CoreGraphics Accepted
Anthony Li GitHub SceneKit, SpriteKit, CoreGraphics Submitted
Archer Gardiner-Sheridan GitHub SpriteKit, AppKit Submitted
Arnaud Nommay GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, Foundation Rejected
Arved Viehweger GitHub YouTube UIKit, Foundation, AVFoundation Submitted
Aurther Nadeem GitHub ARKit, Core Animation, AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Avery Vine GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Ayoob Nazeem GitHub Youtube SpriteKit, UIKit, Foundation Submitted
Bartłomiej Pluta GitHub UIKit, Vision, SceneKit Rejected
Bastian Kusserow GitHub YouTube UIKit, SpriteKit, Vision, CoreML Submitted
Batuhan Saka YouTube UIKit, CoreML, Vision, AVFoundation Submitted
Benjamin Hutter GitHub UIKit, CoreML, Vision, AVFoundation Accepted
Bjorn Sahlin GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Bruno Pastre GitHub UIKit, ARKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Carol Chen GitHub YouTube Submitted
Carolina Niglio GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Accepted
Cecily Kerns GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, UIKit, PlaygroundBooks, Accessibility Submitted
Celal Dogan Kaya YouTube CoreML, Vision, ARKit, Create ML Accepted
Charles Truluck GitHub CommonCrypto, UIKit, SceneKit Accepted
Chase Clark GitHub CoreML, UIKit, CreateML, CoreQuartz Submitted
Chris Leonard GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit Submitted
Cibele Paulino GitHub YouTube SceneKit, ARKit, AVFoundation, UIKit Submitted
Claudio Cavalli GitHub YouTube ARKit, AVFoundation, PlaygroundBook Submitted
Cristian Garske GitHub YouTube UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Daniel Dorazio GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit Rejected
Daniel Gruber Bitbucket UIKit, PlaygroundBooks, CoreGraphics Submitted
Daniel Riege GitHub UIKit, CommonCrypto Submitted
Daniel Sykes-Turner GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation, CoreMotion Accepted
Daniel Wang PlaygroundBooks, SceneKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Darshil Patel YouTube SpriteKit, ARKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Davide Tarantino GitHub YouTube PlaygroundBook, SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Dennis Vermeulen GitHub YouTube CoreML, CreateML, Vision, UIKit Submitted
Dhrumil Dhanesha GitHub YouTube PlaygroundSupport, SpriteKit, Foundation, GameKit Submitted
Dowland Aiello GitHub YouTube Foundation, UIKit Submitted
Denny Caruso GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Elias Paulino GitHub YouTube SceneKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation, UIKit Submitted
Erik Martin GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, OpenGL, Foundation Accepted
Ethan Humphrey GitHub Playground Book, Core ML, Vision, UIAccessibility Submitted
Fan Bai GitHub UIKit, CoreGraphics Submitted
Fikret Şengül GitHub SpriteKit Submitted
Frost Lee GitHub AVFoundation Rejected
Gabriel D'Luca GitHub YouTube UIKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation, CoreAnimation Rejected
Gautham Elango GitHub AVFoundation, Vision, CoreML, Image I/O Submitted
Gennaro Frate GitHub ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit Rejected
George Bougakov YouTube SpriteKit Rejected
Gianpiero Spinelli UIKit, Foundation Submitted
Giovanni Bruno GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, Gameplaykit Submitted
Grant Emerson GitHub UIKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation, ARKit Accepted
Guilherme Bayma GitHub AVFoundation, CoreML, PlaygroundBook, UIKit Submitted
Guillermo Cique GitHub YouTube Neural Networks, UIKit, Core Animation, Playground Books Accepted
Gustavo Leite GitHub YouTube UIKit, Playground Books Rejected
Grayson Martin Github SpriteKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Haotian Zheng GitHub YouTube UIKit Dynamics, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Harshdeep Kahlon GitHub UIKit, Core Image, Foundation Submitted
Hengyu Liu ARKit Accepted
Hengyu Zhou YouTube ARKit, CoreML, SceneKit, Vision Accepted
Henrik Storch GitHub YouTube PlaygroundSupport, UIKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Hristo Staykov GitHub PlaygroundSupport, UIKit Accepted
Hubert Tatra GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Hugo Lispector GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Accepted
Iqra Urooj YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Isaac Rodriguez Youtube UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Jacky Yu GitHub YouTube
UIKit, Security, CommonCrypto Accepted
Jacob Tilly UIKit Submitted
Jaesung Lee UIKit, AVFoundation, SceneKit, ARKit Accepted
Jahanzeb Jabbar GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, GameplayKit, CoreMotion, AVFoundation Rejected
Jaime Blasco GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
jamfly GitHub CoreML, NaturalLanguage, ImageIO, Vision Rejected
Jari Koopman GitHub CoreMotion, SpriteKit Accepted
Jiaqi Liu SpriteKit, ARKit, UIKit, CoreML Submitted
Jiaxing Yu GitHub ARKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation, CAEmitterLayer Accepted
Jobe Dylbas Github UIKit, Foundation Accepted
John Ciocca UIKit, SpriteKit, CoreML, AVFoundation Submitted
John Palevich GitHub ARKit, SceneKit, UIKit, Wings3D Submitted
Jordan Osterberg GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, UIKit, PlaygroundBooks, Accessibility Rejected
Julian Schiavo GitHub YouTube AVFoundation, Core Image, UIKit Accepted
Junaid Abdurahman YouTube SceneKit, UIKit, CoreMotion, AVFoundation Submitted
Kamil Strzelecki GitHub YouTube AppKit, CoreAnimation, CoreML, NaturalLanguage Accepted
Kanishka YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Kenan Atmaca GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit Rejected
Kevin Schaefer GitHub ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Kristof Kocsis GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreGraphics, PlaygroundBooks Rejected
Kyoya Yamaguchi GitHub YouTube UIKit, ARKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Lachlan Bell GitHub YouTube ARKit, Model I/O, SceneKit, UIKit Submitted
Lalo Martínez GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, TouchBar Accepted
Lennart Kerkvliet YouTube ARKit, SpriteKit, UIKit (Drag and Drop), CoreMotion, AVFoundation Submitted
Liam Rosenfeld Github SpriteKit, AppKit, Foundation Accepted
Linh Bouniol YouTube CoreML, CreateML, Vision, AVFoundation Accepted
Liuliet Lee GitHub UIKit, MetalKit, MediaPlayer, AVFoundation Accepted
Lucas Pelinzon GitHub YouTube CoreML, NaturalLanguage, PlaygroundBook, UIKit Accepted
Luiz Processo GitHub SpriteKit, AVFoundation, PlaygroundBook Submitted
Maanas Manoj GitHub YouTube UIKit Accepted
Mansi Gandhi GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Mark Bruckert GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVKit Rejected
Marco Tammaro GitHub YouTube UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Marko Crnkovic Github Youtube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Mason Dierkes GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, UIKit, ARKit, SceneKit Rejected
Matej Plavevski GitHub UIKit, CoreML, AVFoundation, WebKit Submitted
Matthew Kim GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Maulana Rizal Hilman GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, GestureRecognizer Submitted
Max Härtwig GitHub SceneKit, PlaygroundBooks Accepted
Mehul Mohan GitHub YouTube SceneKit, ARKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Michael Barney GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Accepted
Michael Bernard GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, Foundation Rejected
Michael Dugan AVFoundation, UIKit Submitted
Michal Cichecki GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Mingyuan Hu YouTube ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit, Vision Rejected
Minhyuk Kim GitHub YouTube ARKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Mohamed Salah GitHub YouTube CoreML, CreateML, CoreGraphics, UIKit Accepted
Muhammad Dary Azhari YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Naman Bishnoi GitHub ARKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation, CoreMotion, UIKit Rejected
Nathan Sesti GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AppKit Accepted
Nicholas Grana GitHub YouTube ARKit, SceneKit, SpriteKit, UIKit Accepted
Nicholas R. Putra UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Niklas Buelow GitHub SpriteKit, AVFoundation, UIKit, CoreGraphics Accepted
Niklas Korzeniewski GitHub SpriteKit Submitted
Oksana Bolibok GitHub YouTube ARKit, SpriteKit, Foundation, UIKit Submitted
Omer Gulen GitHub UIKit, CoreAnimation Submitted
omrobbie GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Oscar Fridh GitHub Youtube UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Oscar Gorog GitHub SpriteKit, AVFoundation, JSON Parsing Submitted
Ozan Mirza GitHub Youtube CoreML, Vision, UIKit, QuartzCore Submitted
Patcharapon Joksamut GitHub YouTube UIKit Accepted
Peijun Weng GitHub UIKit Accepted
Penélope Araújo GitHub SpriteKit Accepted
Pierpaolo Sepe YouTube ARKit, AVFoundation, CoreML, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Pon Mahil Arasu GitHub YouTube UIKit Accepted
Pranav Karthik GitHub YouTube ARKit, UIKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Qingyang Hu GitHub SpriteKit, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Rafael Ferreira GitHub UIKit Accepted
Raffaele Ascione GitHub YouTube SceneKit, ARKit, UIKit Submitted
Raghav Vashisht GitHub CoreGraphics, UIKit, AVFoundation, UIImpackFeedbackGenerator Accepted
Renan Magagnin GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Renata Faria GitHub YouTube ARKit, UIGestures, AVFoundation, SceneKit Accepted
Rick Wierenga GitHub YouTube CreateML, CoreML, Vision, AVFoundation Accepted
Riley Walz YouTube SpriteKit, GameplayKit, NaturalLanguage Accepted
Rodrigo Farias GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Roland Horváth YouTube CoreML, Vision, ARKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Sahith Thummalapally Github Youtube AVKit, UIKit, Vision, CoreML Submitted
Sai Kambampati YouTube UIKit, SceneKit, ARKit, CoreML Rejected
Sam Eckert YouTube AVFoundation, SpriteKit, Vision & CoreML Submitted
Sandra Grujovic Github YouTube SpriteKit Accepted
Sarah-Leigh Meijers YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Saumya Lahera YouTube SceneKit, Metal, MetalKit, Metal Shading Language, ARKit Rejected
Sergen Gönenç GitHub UIKit, CoreML, Vision, Create ML Submitted
Sharath Sriram GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Sidney Hough YouTube AVFoundation, CoreAnimation, SpriteKit, UIKit Accepted
Simon Bohnen GitHub YouTube UIKit, Core Animation, Hype 3 Rejected
Stefan Liesendahl GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, PlaygroundBooks, CoreML, Vision Accepted
Sylvain Guillier GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, SceneKit Accepted
Swapnanil Dhol YouTube Create ML, Vision, Sprite Kit, CoreML Submitted
Tanvi Khot GitHub UIKit Accepted
Tejasw Gupta Github UIKit, SpriteKit Submitted
Theodore Conrad GitHub YouTube Submitted
Thijs van der Heijden GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, GameplayKit, CoreML, Vision Submitted
Til Blechschmidt GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Submitted
Tom Xue YouTube SceneKit, ARKit, Core Image, Core ML Submitted
Tymofii Hazhyi GitHub YouTube AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Valentin Silvera GitHub YouTube ARKit, SceneKit, UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Viet Duc Nguyen GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreGraphics Accepted
Veit Progl GitHub YouTube CoreML, UIKit, Keras, PlaygroundBooks Accepted
Victor Lucas Deodato GitHub YouTube UIkit, SceneKit Submitted
Victor Freitas Vasconcelos GitHub SpriteKit, Graphs Accepted
Victor Kreniski Youtube SpriteKit, AVFoundation, CoreMotion Accepted
Vincent Cai GitHub YouTube ARKit, SceneKit, UIKit, Foundation Rejected
Vinicius Chagas GitHub AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Vinicius Leal GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, CoreMotion Accepted
Vlad Munteanu GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Wendy Liga GitHub YouTube UIKit Rejected
Wenzheng "William" Du Github Accelerate, SpriteKit Rejected
Will Bishop GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AppKit Accepted
Will Kwok GitHub YouTube CoreML, AVFoundation Accepted
William Irwin III GitHub SpriteKit, AVFoundation Rejected
William Taylor YouTube SceneKit, ARKit, UIKit, SpriteKit Accepted
Witek Bobrowski GitHub UIKit, CoreML, Keras Accepted
Włoczko Marcin GitHub SpriteKit, GameplayKit Accepted
Wonne Heyse GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Accepted
Xi Zhao GitHub YouTube SpriteKit Submitted
Yashvardhan Mulki GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Yichen Cao GitHub ARKit, SceneKit, MultipeerConnectivity Accepted
Yongkang Chen GitHub YouTube SceneKit, ARKit Accepted
Yong Jun Lim GitHub SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Zach Knox GitHub YouTube AVFoundation, Core Image, Photos, UIKit Accepted
Ziang Qiu GitHub SpriteKit,UIKit,AVFoundation Submitted
Ziheng Wang GitHub UIKit, ARKit, AVFoundation, Playgound Book Accepted
Zhixing Zhang GitHub YouTube SceneKit, Metal, MetalKit, ARKit Rejected

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