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WWDC 2017

WWDC 2017 Scholarship Submissions

List of student submissions for the WWDC 2017 scholarship. To add your own below, just edit this file and submit a pull request!

Name Source Videos Technologies Status
Aalap Patel GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation, PlaygroundSupport, Core Graphics Rejected
Aaron Cheung GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, PlaygroundSupport, SceneKit Rejected
Adrián Rubio GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis SpriteKit, AVFoundation, GameplayKit Rejected
Albert Sanchez GitHub SpriteKit, AVFoundation, GameplayKit Accepted
Alberto Saltarelli GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, AudioToolbox Rejected
Alexandre Vassinievski Ribeiro GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreMotion, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Alexandro Luongo GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, CoreMotion, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Aline K Borges GitHub YouTube UIKit, PlaygroundBooks Submitted
Aman Jain YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation, Swift Playground Submitted
Amanda Southworth GitHub UIKit, Core Animation Accepted
Ana Carolina Barreto YouTube SpriteKit Accepted
Andrew Abosh YouTube UIKit, SpriteKit Accepted
Antoine Bellanger GitHub UIKit Accepted
Antonio Antonino GitHub YouTube UIKit, Core Image, PlaygroundSupport Rejected
Antonio Zaitoun GitHub YouTube UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation,Gesture Recognizer, AVFoundation Accepted
Anushk Mittal GitHub UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Arved Viehweger GitHub YouTube UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics Rejected
Arjun Naha UIKit, SpriteKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Aviral Aggarwal GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit Accepted
Ayush Aggarwal UIKit, PlaygroundSupport, CoreAudio, Metal, MetalKit, OpenAL, AVKit, AVFoundation, CoreImage, CoreMotion, SceneKit Accepted
Ben Emdon GitHub UIKit Accepted
Benjamin Herzog GitHub GIF UIKit, Foundation Rejected
Bradley Mackey GitHub YouTube UIKit, Core Animation Submitted
Brett Fazio GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Caleb Kierum GitHub SpriteKit Accepted
Chan Jing Hong GitHub YouTube UIKit Accepted
Charles Ferreira GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, PlaygroundSupport Submitted
Charles Truluck GitHub SceneKit, UIKitDynamics, Core Animation Accepted
Christian Schnorr GitHub Swift, UIKitDynamics Accepted
Clemens Brockschmidt GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit Submitted
Daniel Kuntz GitHub AudioKit, Core Graphics, Gesture Recognizer Rejected
Danny M GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Darius Kuddo YouTube MetalKit, Accelerate, AVFoundation, SIMD Vector Library Accepted
David Nadoba GitHub YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Davide Sibilio YouTube UIKit, Core Animation, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Dominik Rygiel GitHub YouTube UIKit Accepted
Emannuel Carvalho GitHub PlaygroundBook, NSLinguisticTagger, DynamicAnimator, CoreAnimations, CoreMotion Accepted
Eremenko Maxim GitHub YouTube MVVM, CoreAnimations, InteractiveTransitions, Submitted
Erik Maximilian Martens GitHub UIKit Rejected
Eytan Schulman YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation, Swift Playgrounds, Core Graphics, Core Animation, UIKit Rejected
Filipe Alvarenga GitHub UIKit, PlaygroundSupport Submitted
Filipe Nogueira Jordão GitHub Youtube UIKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Florian Kasten GitHub UIKit, PlaygroundSupport, CoreGraphics Accepted
Gabriel Cavalcante YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, CoreImage, NSLayoutContraint, UIGraphics Accepted
Galal Hassan GitHub SpriteKit Submitted
Gautham Elango Swift, SpriteKit, UIKit, Machine Learning, Minimax Submitted
Giuseppe D'Onofrio GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation, SpriteKit Accepted
Guoye Zhang GitHub PlaygroundBook, Storyboard Accepted
Guozheng Zhang GitHub SceneKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Hammad Jutt GitHub GIF UIKit, Core Animation Submitted
Hari SceneKit, UIKit, Core Motion Submitted
Harish Yerra Core Image, Metal Accepted
Harshil Shah GitHub UIKit, Core Graphics, SpriteKit Accepted
Hengyu GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, SceneKit, CoreAnimation, UIKit Accepted
Henrik Storch GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, UIKit Accepted
Hollis Liu GitHub GIF SceneKit, UIKit, PlaygroundSupport Rejected
Ishaan Prasad UIKit, PlaygroundSupport, GaemplayKit, MapKit Accepted
Joel Rorseth GitHub GameplayKit, Social, SpriteKit, PlaygroundSupport, UIKit Accepted
Jack Bruienne Github GIF UIKit, Timers Rejected
Jack Chorley GitHub UIKit, SpriteKit, Genetic Algorithm, Generics Accepted
Jai Bhavnani Github Gesture Recognizer, Core Animation, SpriteKit, UIKit, AVFoundation, Core Graphics, Core Images Accepted
Jari Koopman GitHub UIKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Jay Lees GitHub UIKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation, Playground Support Accepted
Jinghan Wang GameplayKit, SpriteKit, CoreMotion, AVFoundation, Core Graphics Accepted
John Harding YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation, GameKit Rejected
Jordan Osterberg GitHub SpriteKit, CoreMotion Rejected
Jose Antonio González GitHub SpriteKit, SceneKit, QuartzCore, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Juan David Cruz GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit, CoreAnimation, AV Foundation, Core Motion, AVSpeechSynthesizer, Gesture Recognizer Accepted
Júnior Lima GitHub UIKit, AV Foundation Accepted
Kabir Oberai GitHub AVFoundation, Core Graphics, SpriteKit Accepted
Kamil Kosowski YouTube UIKit, Core Animation, AVFoundation Accepted
Kervon Ryan Swift, UIKit, SpriteKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Kevin Turner GitHub UIKit Accepted
Klemens Strasser YouTube SpirteKit, UIKit Accepted
Krish Wadhwana GitHub UIKit Accepted
Kush Taneja GitHub YouTube UIKit, SpriteKit, Core Animation, AVFoundation, AudioToolbox, AVSpeechSynthesizer, Gesture Recognizer Submitted
Kyle Johnson YouTube UIKit, SpriteKit, PlaygroundSupport, AVFoundation Accepted
Kyle Spadaro GitHub GameKit, GameplayKit, ReplayKit, SpriteKit, UIKit Rejected
Lalo Martínez GitHub YouTube CoreAnimation, AV Foundation Submitted
Léo Vallet GitHub SpriteKit, AVFoundation, AVSpeechSynthesizer Accepted
Logan Henderson GitHub UIKit, CoreImage, AV Foundation Accepted
Maciej Gomółka GitHub YouTube XCTest, Core Animation, AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Marko Crnkovic Website GitHub YouTube AudioToolbox, UIKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Martin Lücke GitHub SpriteKit, UIBezierPath, AVFoundation, Core Graphics Accepted
Matheus Cardoso GitHub SpriteKit, PlaygroundBooks Accepted
Matthijs Logemann GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, Swift Playgrounds (iOS), HTML, UIKit Accepted
Michael Galperin GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, CoreText, QuartzCore Accepted
Miguel Salinas GitHub YouTube AVFoundation, SpriteKit Accepted
Mitchell Sweet YouTube SpriteKit, UIKit Accepted
Mohamed Salah GitHub YouTube SceneKit, AVFoundation, UIKit Accepted
Moritz Sternemann GitHub PlaygroundBook, UIKit, SwipyCell, HTML Accepted
Nakul Bajaj GitHub UIKit, SceneKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation, AVFoundation Accepted
Neil Sardesai GitHub SpriteKit Rejected
Nicholas G GitHub YouTube SceneKit, SpriteKit, UIKit Accepted
Nikita Pankiv GitHub UIKit, Core Graphics, AVFoundation Rejected
Nils Leif Fischer GitHub SpriteKit, Core Image, Core Motion, AVFoundation Accepted
Omar Droubi GitHub YouTube UIKit, SceneKit, AVFoundation, Core Animation, Grand Central Dispatch Submitted
Orlando Aprea GitHub SpriteKit, AVFoundation Submitted
Pannatier Arnaud GitHub UIKit Submitted
Patrick Balestra GitHub YouTube SceneKit, AppKit Accepted
Philipp Gabriel GitHub UIKit, Algorithms Accepted
Philippe Yu Core Animation, AVFoundation Accepted
Pietro Caruso GitHub JavaScriptCore, UIKit, SpiteKit, WebKit, Gesture Recognizer, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation Rejected
Qingyang Hu Github UIKit, CoreMotion, ToolBox, PlaygroundSupport, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Rahul M GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Raul Marques YouTube UIKit, AVFoundation, UIDynamics, CoreAnimation Rejected
Rehaan Advani YouTube UIKit, MapKit, PlaygroundSupport, CoreAnimation, UIKit Dynamics, AVFoundation Submitted
Remy Da Costa Faro GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Renata Faria YouTube UIKit, NSLayoutConstraint, Gesture Recognizer Accepted
Richter Brzeski GitHub Screenshot UIKit, Accelerate, QuartzCore, Foundation, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics Accepted
Rohit Gurnani YouTube SpriteKit, AVFoundation Rejected
Rodrigo Longhi Guimarães GitHub Youtube SpriteKit, UIKit, AVFoundation Accepted
Ronak Shah GitHub SpriteKit Submitted
Ross Freeman GitHub UIKit, AVFoundation, CoreAnimation Submitted
Ryan O'Connor GitHub YouTube AVFoundation, CoreMotion, UIKit, SpriteKit, SceneKit, CutScene, PlaygroundBook Accepted
Sai Kambampati GitHub YouTube UIKit, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation Accepted
Salman Husain GitHub YouTube SpriteKit, PlaygroundBook, SpeechSynth Accepted
Sam Eckert YouTube SpriteKit, PlaygroundBook, AVKit, AV Foundation, UIKit Accepted
Shunzhe Ma GitHub YouTube SceneKit, PlaygroundBook, Core Animation, Core Graphics, AV Foundation, Gesture Recognizer, Local File Manager Accepted
Stephen Heaps GitHub UIKit, UIKit Dynamics, UIKit Animation, CoreAnimation Rejected
Stergios Hetelekides GitHub UIKit, PlaygroundSupport, Core Graphics Submitted
Taras Nikulin GitHub YouTube UIKit, BezierPath, Algorithms, PlaygroundSupport Rejected
Thomas Naudet GitHub YouTube SceneKit, SpriteKit, Core Motion/Animation/Graphics, AVFoundation, MapKit, UIKit, PlaygroundBook/Support, Gesture Recognizer Accepted
Tianyue Gao GitHub YouTube UIKit, Core Animation, Core Graphics, AVFoundation, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Tiziano Coroneo GitHub SpriteKit, GameplayKit Submitted
Tyler Angert GitHub YouTube UIKit Dynamics, CoreMotion, CoreAnimation Submitted
Vegard Solheim Theriault Github PlaygroundBook, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, Fourier Transform Accepted
Vincent Cai GitHub SpriteKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Weiran Du UIKit, AVFoundation, Minimax, PlaygroundSupport, Core Graphics Accepted
William Taylor YouTube SpriteKit, AV Foundation, UIKit Accepted
William Zhang GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit, PlaygroundSupport, AVFoundation Accepted
Yana Valieva GitHub CoreGraphics, UIKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Yifei He YouTube CoreBluetooth, SpriteKit, UIKit, PlaygroundSupport Accepted
Zach Simone GitHub SpriteKit, UIKit Rejected
Zhiyu Zhu GitHub Singleton; Timer, UIKit and Animation, Core Graphics, AVFoundation, PlaygroundSupport, CustomPlaygroundQuicklookable Accepted
Ziga Besal GitHub UIKit Accepted

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