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Django Data Wizard

Django Data Wizard is an interactive tool for mapping tabular data (e.g. Excel, CSV, XML, JSON) into a normalized database structure via Django REST Framework and IterTable. Django Data Wizard allows novice users to map spreadsheet columns to serializer fields (and cell values to foreign keys) on-the-fly during the import process. This reduces the need for preset spreadsheet formats, which most data import solutions require.

Django Data Wizard Workflow

The Data Wizard supports straightforward one-to-one mappings from spreadsheet columns to database fields, as well as more complex scenarios like natural keys and Entity-Attribute-Value (or "wide") table mappings.

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Django Data Wizard provides a web interface, JSON API, and CLI for specifying a data source to import (e.g. a previously-uploaded file), selecting a serializer, mapping the data columns and identifiers, and (asynchronously) importing the data into any target model in the database.

Data Wizard is designed to allow users to iteratively refine their data import flow. For example, decisions made during an initial data import are preserved for future imports of files with the same structure. The included data model makes this workflow possible.

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