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A small command-line tool to easily list all your different VS Code Workspaces.

ws searches for all .code-workspace files in a user-specified root directory.
By default, ws searches only 1 level deep to prevent traversing folders like node-modules, vendor, etc.



npm i -g @woudsma/workspaces-cli


  • Node.js version >= 8
  • Make sure you have installed the code command in your $PATH - How to


Create a workspace

Create a workspace by opening a project in VS Code, optionally add more projects to your current workspace.
Save the workspace with:

File -> Save Workspace As...

Run ws

I've made a _workspaces folder in my personal projects folder, where I keep workspaces that include multiple projects. Other workspaces are usually stored in their own project folder. ws searches 1 level deep.
More info on Multi-root workspaces.

$ ws
Workspaces root directory: /Users/woudsma/Projects
? Select workspace …
❯ _workspaces/hasura-test

The workspace for this project is saved at /Users/woudsma/Projects/workspaces-cli/workspaces-cli.code-workspace for example.


$ ws [-h|--help]

ws is an alias of workspaces.

First time configuration

ws reads your workspaces root directory from ~/.workspacesrc.
If no configuration can be found, ws will try to create a ~/.workspacesrc file with the workspaces root directory that you've provided.

$ ws
No configuration found in /Users/woudsma/.workspacesrc
Creating /Users/woudsma/.workspacesrc
? Enter workspaces root directory, e.g. ~/Projects › ~/


Multiple root directories can be specified by adding them to WORKSPACES_ROOT_DIR in ~/.workspacesrc, seperated by comma.

# in ~/.workspacesrc

Turn off the subshell when selecting a workspace.

# USE_SUBSHELL=true (default)
echo USE_SUBSHELL=false >> ~/.workspacesrc

The default search depth can be changed by adding READDIR_DEPTH=<depth> to ~/.workspacesrc.

# READDIR_DEPTH=1 (default)
echo READDIR_DEPTH=2 >> ~/.workspacesrc

Pull requests are welcome!



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