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Ansible inside Docker for consistent running of ansible inside your local machine or CI/CD system. You can view CHANGELOG to understand what changes have happened to this recently.

Docker Pulls Docker Image Size (tag)

Current Ansible Versions

These are the latest Ansible versions running within the containers:

  • Ansible 2.9: 2.9.27
  • Ansible 2.10: 2.10.17
  • Ansible 2.11: 2.11.12
  • Ansible 2.12: 2.12.9
  • Ansible 2.13: 2.13.4

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

All installs include Mitogen mainly due to the performance improvements that Mitogen awards you. You can read more about it inside the Mitogen for Ansible documentation.

Immutable Images

There are a number of immutable images that are also being collected. To find a specific version of Ansible, look within the Docker Hub Tags. Each of the containers follow a similar pattern: Ansible-version-Base OS version.

Ansible 2.13

This includes ansible-core + ansible.

Ansible 2.12

This includes ansible-core + ansible.

Ansible 2.11

This includes ansible-core + ansible.

Ansible 2.10

This includes ansible-base.

Ansible 2.9

This runs the ansible package.

Using Mitogen

To leverage *Mitogen- to accelerate your playbook runs, add this to your ansible.cfg:

Please investigate in your container the location of ansible_mitogen (it is different per container). You can do this via:

docker run --rm -it "willhallonline/${your_container}" /bin/sh -c "find / -type d | grep "ansible_mitogen/plugins" | sort | head -n 1"

and then configuring your own ansible.cfg like:

strategy_plugins = /usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/ansible_mitogen/plugins/
strategy = mitogen_linear


**You will likely need to mount required directories into your container to make it run (or build on top of what is here).


$~   docker run --rm -it willhallonline/ansible:latest /bin/sh

Mount local directory and ssh key

$~  docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/ansible -v ~/.ssh/id_rsa:/root/id_rsa willhallonline/ansible:latest /bin/sh

Injecting commands

$~  docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/ansible -v ~/.ssh/id_rsa:/root/id_rsa willhallonline/ansible:latest ansible-playbook playbook.yml

Bash Alias

You can put these inside your dotfiles (~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc to make handy aliases).

alias docker-ansible-cli='docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/ansible -v ~/.ssh/id_rsa:/root/.ssh/id_rsa --workdir=/ansible willhallonline/ansible:latest /bin/sh'
alias docker-ansible-cmd='docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/ansible -v ~/.ssh/id_rsa:/root/.ssh/id_rsa --workdir=/ansible willhallonline/ansible:latest '

use with:

$~  docker-ansible-cli ansible-playbook -u playbook.yml


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