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Christian's "Boilerplates"

Hi, there!

Im Christian, a 35-year-old tech enthusiast from Germany, and I love to inspire and educate people in IT.

This Repository Boilerplates is my personal template collection. Here you'll find templates, and configurations for various tools, and technologies.

⚠️ Be aware, products can change over time. I do my best to keep up with the latest changes and releases, but please understand that this wont always be the case.

I created them as free resources to be used in your specific use cases. If you're searching for detailed, in-depth tutorials on some tools or technologies, check out my YouTube Channel: Christian Lempa.


If youd like to contribute to this project, reach out to me on social media or Discord, or create a pull request for the necessary changes.

Other Resources

  • Videos - Documentation and project files for all my video tutorials on YouTube
  • Dotfiles - My personal configuration files on Linux and Windows
  • Boilerplates - Templates for various projects like Docker, K8S, Ansible, etc
  • Cheat-Sheets - Command Reference for various tools and technologies

Support me

Becoming a Patreon will support my mission to create free, high-quality content for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals.

Help me to create something that matters to people!

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