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CODO is a cloud management platform that provides users with multi-hybrid cloud, automated operation and maintenance, and complete open source.

Based on Vue iview development, the CODO front-end provides users with a friendly interface and enhances the user experience.

The CODO backend is based on Python Tornado and has the advantages of being lightweight, concise, and asynchronous.

CODO open source cloudy management platform will provide users with multi-function: ITSM, RBAC-based permission system, Web Terminnal login log audit, video playback, powerful job scheduling system, CMDB, monitoring and alarm system, DNS management, configuration center, etc.

We have been researching and developing many functional modules. If you are interested in this project, you can join our community exchange group.

I also hope that you can give us a project, cheer for contributors!

Product Architecture

Product Features


We provide a demo of the user experience and click on the demo to demonstrate it quickly.

PS: Demo users only have view rights, and the user list is not yet open. The demo order log is temporarily cleared.

How can I use it?

Module link

CODO We use modular and micro-services for the project. The following are the address of each module. We also welcome the industry's interested parties to contribute.

Thanks to contributors

Thanks for the contributions contributed to CODO (CloudOpenDevOps); Thank you for your contribution, so that maintenance is no longer boring because of you, and the world is beautiful because of you. This ranking is no different. Thank you!

Name Github Avatar Name GitHub Avatar Name Github Avatar
laoxu shenshuo yangmingwei
yanghongfei shenyingzhi biantingting
zhirenyongnan libo liuchunyu
ops-coffee laowang

QQ Group

Interested students can join our QQ exchange group, the code will continue to update, thank you for your support.

  • Join QQ Group:CoDo  CloudOpenDevOps

  • Scan QR code plus group


Everything is GPL v3.0.



Thanks to the following students for sponsoring the Demo environment.

Name Github Avatar 贡献金额
shenshuo ¥500
laowang ¥300
ops-coffee ¥300
yanghongfei ¥300
panda-yo ¥200
yanshuanglong ¥200
Victor ¥200
DsinV ¥200
lixiaozheng ¥200
pcghost ¥100
ca7dEm0n ¥100
jiangming ¥100
金额共计 ¥2700

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