A docking layout system.
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A docking layout system.


Dock is a docking layout system for Avalonia applications. Use of Dock is governed by the MIT License.


Building Dock

First, clone the repository or download the latest zip.

git clone

Build using .NET Core

Open up a terminal prompt and execute the commands.

Target framework netstandard2.0:

dotnet build src/Dock.Avalonia/Dock.Avalonia.csproj -c Release -f netstandard2.0


Dock is delivered as a NuGet package.

You can find the packages here NuGet and install the package like this:

Install-Package Dock.Avalonia
Install-Package Dock.Model.Mvvm

or by using nightly build feed:

  • Add to your package sources
  • Alternative nightly build feed
  • Update your package using Dock feed

and install the package like this:

Install-Package Dock.Avalonia -Pre
Install-Package Dock.Model.Mvvm -Pre



Dock is licensed under the MIT license.

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