Seq2seq Couplet

Play couplet with seq2seq model. 用深度学习对对联。
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Alternatives To Seq2seq Couplet
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This is a project use seq2seq model to play couplets () This project is written with Tensorflow. You can try the demo at


  • Tensorflow
  • Python 3.6
  • Dataset


You will need some data to run this program, the dataset can be downloaded from this project.

** Note: If you are using your own dataset, you need to add <s> and <\s> as the first two line into the vocabs file. **



Open and config the file locations and hyperparams. Then run python to train the model. You can see the training loss and bleu score at Tensorbloard. You may need to re-config learning_rate when you find the loss stops descresing. Here is an example of the loss graph:

loss graph

If you stoped the training and want to continue to train it. You can set restore_model to True and use m.train(<epoches>, start=<start>), which start is the steps you've already run.

I've trained the model on a Nvidia GTX-1080 GPU for about 4 days.

Run the trained model

Open and config the vocab_file and model_dir params. Then run python will start a web service that can play couplet.

Or build the Docker image with Dockerfile and run it with Docker. Remember to mount the correct model file paths into the Docker container.


Here are some examples generated by this model:

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