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a toolbox of light reid for fast feature extraction and search

  • [x] light-model: model distillation (3x faster feature extraction)
  • [x] light-feature: binary code learning (6x faster retrieval)
  • [x] light-search: coarse2fine search (2x faster retrieval)

it features

  • [x] easy switch between light and non-light reid
  • [x] simple modules for reid implementation
  • [x] implementations of state-of-the-art deep reid models

What's New

  • [2020.12]: we release a strong pipeline for occluded/partial re-id. please refer occluded_reid
  • [2020.11]: we support pca_reduction to 128d with almost no accuracy drop. please refer bagtricks_pca
  • [2020.11]: we support build with config files, making coding more simple. please refer bagtricks_buildwithconfigs
  • [2020.08]: We release a toolbox of light-reid learning for faster inference, getting >30x faster speed.
  • [2020.03]: We implement BagTricks and support IBN-Net, MSMT17, combineall, multi-dataset train. Please see branch version_py3.7_bot.
  • [2019.03]: We give a clean implemention of BagTricks with python2.7. Please see branch version_py2.7.

Find our Works

  • [2020.07]: [ECCV'20] Our work about Fast ReID has been accepted by ECCV'20. (Paper, Code)
  • [2020.03]: [CVPR'20] Our work about Occluded ReID has been accepted by CVPR'20. (Paper, Code).
  • [2020.01]: [AAAI'20] Our work about RGB-Infrared(IR) ReID has been accepted by AAAI'20. (Paper, Code).
  • [2019.10]: [ICCV'19] Our work about RGB-Infrared(IR) ReID has been accepted by ICCV'19. (Paper, Code).
  • [2019.05]: We implement PCB and achieve better performance than the offical one. (Code)


# clone this repo
git clone

# create environment
cd light-reid
conda create -n lightreid python=3.7
conda activate lightreid

# install dependencies
pip install -r requirements

# install torch and torchvision (select the proper cuda version to suit your machine)
conda install pytorch==1.4.0 torchvision -c pytorch
# install faiss for stable search
conda install faiss-cpu -c pytorch

Quick Start

5 steps to implement a SOTA reid model

1 step to build a SOTA reid model with configs

Implemented reid methods and experimental results


Our light-reid partially refers open-sourced torch-reid and fast-reid, we thank their awesome contribution to reid community.

If you have any question about this reid toolbox, please feel free to contact me. E-mail: [email protected]

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