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6 months ago59mitJavaScript
Watch videos with friends online with the new real time video synchronization platform
a day ago116lgpl-3.0C++
QMPlay2 is a video and audio player which can play most formats and codecs.
3 days ago15July 18, 202247gpl-3.0Python
Play videos side-by-side
Youtube_player_flutter6031244 days ago48May 16, 2022362bsd-3-clauseDart
Flutter plugin for playing or streaming YouTube videos inline using the official iFrame Player API. Supports both Android and iOS platforms.
6 days ago31gpl-3.0C++
Video player that can play online videos from youtube, bilibili etc.
65 months ago11May 31, 202235mitSwift
YoutubeKit is a video player that fully supports Youtube IFrame API and YoutubeDataAPI for easily create a Youtube app
2 days ago14gpl-3.0Dart
A full-featured immersion language learning suite for mobile.
6 years ago17gpl-3.0JavaScript
Add the Picture-in-Picture Functionality to YouTube, Netflix, Plex and other video broadcasting services in macOS Sierra
Youtube Player321696503 months ago36January 01, 201920otherJavaScript
YouTube iframe API abstraction.
4 years ago18mitJava
Minimized / Floating YouTube for Android
Alternatives To Gridplayer
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Simple VLC-based media player that can play multiple videos at the same time. You can play as many videos as you like, the only limit is your hardware. It supports all video formats that VLC supports (which is all of them). You can save your playlist retaining information about the position, sound volume, loops, aspect ratio, etc.


  • Cross-platform (Linux, Mac, and Windows)
  • Support for any video and audio format (VLC)
  • Support for (almost) any streaming URLs (streamlink + yt-dlp)
  • Hardware & software video decoding
  • Control video aspect, playback speed, zoom
  • Set loop fragments with frame percision
  • Configurable grid layout
  • Easy swap videos with drag-n-drop
  • Playlist retains settings for each video


GridPlayer now supports internationalization! Anyone with a handful of free time and desire to support this project is welcome to contribute. No coding skills or special software required, all dialogs are well documented and there are not many strings to translate.

Huge thanks to every contributor!



Download Windows Installer Download Windows Portable

Via scoop:

$ scoop install gridplayer

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11.


Get it from the Flathub Get it from the Snap Store Download AppImage

For better system integration install via Flathub.

Note on AppImage

The AppImage was built using Ubuntu Focal Fossa libraries, so compatibility is Ubuntu 20+.

You may need to set execute permissions on AppImage file in order to run it:

$ chmod +x GridPlayer-0.5.1-x86_64.AppImage


Download DMG

DMG image is not signed. You will have to add an exception to run this app.

If you get "GridPlayer is damaged and can't be opened" error, run this command in the Terminal app:

$ sudo xattr -rd /Applications/


$ pip install -U gridplayer

Python 3.8 or later required.

This type of installation will also require a vlc package present in your system. Please refer to VLC official page for instructions on how to install it.

Some distros (e.g. Ubuntu) might also require libxcb-xinerama0 package.

From source

This project uses poetry for dependency management and packaging. You will have to install it first. See poetry official documentation for instructions.

$ git clone
$ cd gridplayer/
$ poetry install --no-dev
$ poetry run gridplayer

The same notes about the Python version and external packages from PIP installation apply here.

Video Decoder settings

GridPlayer supports two video output modes:

  • Hardware (default) mode uses available GPU to render video. This mode offers high performance and is a recommended mode.
  • Software mode is entirely independent of GPU and only uses the CPU to render video. This mode may cause a high CPU load with high-resolution videos.

Due to libvlc software library limitations, video decoding is split into parallel processes. You can control how many videos are handled by a single decoder process using the "Videos per process" setting. Setting this option too high may cause a high CPU load and application freeze. The optimal value is 4 videos per process.

There is also "Hardware SP" mode. It handles video decoding within the same process in which GridPlayer runs. It is not recommended to use with many videos (>4-6) because it may cause high CPU load and application freeze.

Due to OS inter-process restrictions, "Hardware SP" is the only available hardware mode in macOS.

Known issues

Linux (Snap): Error when opening a file from the mounted disk

You need to allow GridPlayer snap to access removable storage devices via Snap Store or by running:

$ sudo snap connect gridplayer:removable-media

Linux (Snap): mounted drives are not visible in file selection dialog

You will also see following error if you run GridPlayer from terminal:

GLib-GIO-WARNING **: Error creating IO channel for /proc/self/mountinfo: Permission denied (g-file-error-quark, 2)

To fix this, you need to allow GridPlayer snap to access system mount information and disk quotas via Snap Store or by running:

$ sudo snap connect gridplayer:mount-observe

Linux: black screen issue when using hardware decoder

Switch on "Opaque overlay (fix black screen)" checkbox in settings.

Depending on the window manager, the overlay might be a bit glitchy with the hardware decoder. Enabling compositor might help.

Geting help

If you found a bug or have a feature request, please open a new issue.

If you have a question about the program or have difficulty using it, you are welcome to the discussions page. You can also mail me directly, I'm always happy to help.


This software was build using

Python packages


  • Hack Font by Source Foundry
    • Licensed under MIT License
  • Basic Icons by Icongeek26
    • Licensed under Flaticon License
  • Suru Icons by Sam Hewitt
    • Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0
  • Clean App Download Buttons by Tony Thomas
    • Licensed under MediaLoot License
  • Flag Icons by Panayiotis Lipiridis
    • Licensed under MIT License












Portuguese, Brazilian

Chinese Simplified


This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). Full text of the license is available in the LICENSE file and online.

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