A HTML5 video player with a parser that saves traffic
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Xgplayer6,17712556 days ago1,075September 22, 202232mitJavaScript
A HTML5 video player with a parser that saves traffic
Chimee2,10618203 years ago68June 15, 202030mitJavaScript
a video player framework aims to bring wonderful experience on browser
Fijkplayer1,43513a month ago49November 30, 2021194mitDart
ijkplayer for flutter. ijkplayer 的 flutter 封装。 Flutter video/audio player. Flutter media player plugin for android/iOS based on ijkplayer. fijkplayer 是基于 ijkplayer 封装的 flutter 媒体播放器,开箱即用,无需编译 ijkplayer
Youtube_player_flutter6031243 days ago48May 16, 2022362bsd-3-clauseDart
Flutter plugin for playing or streaming YouTube videos inline using the official iFrame Player API. Supports both Android and iOS platforms.
5 days ago31gpl-3.0C++
Video player that can play online videos from youtube, bilibili etc.
Videojs Resolution Switcher35418123 years ago18April 05, 201680otherJavaScript
Resolution switcher adds the ability to select the video quality in video.js player.
4 years ago24Java
4 years ago4mitObjective-C
this is video player for flutter plugin ,Support IOS/Android
Lightning Sdk10412a month ago36April 28, 20234apache-2.0JavaScript
SDK for Lightning framework
4 years ago27otherC++
A high performance video decoding Unity plugin for Windows.
Alternatives To Xgplayer
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xgplayer is a web video and audio player library, designed with separate, detachable UI components. Since everything is componentized. the UI layer is very flexable.
xgplayer is bold in its functionality: it gets rid of video loading, buffering, and format support for video dependence. For mp4 that does not support streaming, you can use staged loading. This means load control, seamless switching without artifacts, and video bandwidth savings. It also integrates on-demand and live support for FLV, HLS, and dash.

For more details, please read the Documentation.


  1. Install

    $ npm install xgplayer
  2. Usage

    Step 1:

    <div id="vs"></div>

    Step 2:

    import Player from 'xgplayer';
    const player = new Player({
        id: 'vs',
        url: 'https://lf9-cdn-tos.bytecdntp.com/cdn/expire-1-M/byted-player-videos/1.0.0/xgplayer-demo.mp4'

    This is the easiest way to configure the video player. For more advanced content, see the plug-in section or documentation. more config


xgplayer provides more plugins. Plugins are divided into two categories: one is self-starting, and another inherits the player's core class named xgplayer. In principle, the officially provided plug-ins are self-starting and the packaged third-party libraries are inherited. Some feature plug-ins themselves can provide a downgrade scenario that suggests a self-start approach, or an inheritance approach if not. The player supports custom plugins for more content viewing plugins

The following is how to use a self-starting plug-in:

import Player from 'xgplayer';
import 'xgplayer-mp4';

const player = new Player({
    id: 'video',
    url: '//abc.com/test.mp4'

xgplayer-mp4plugin is self-starting, It loads mp4 video itself, parses mp4 format, implements custom loading, buffering, seamless switching, and so on. it will automatically downgrade devices that do not support MSE. details


For debugging, we provide example video files in github. You can clone the whole git repository, which includes both code and example videos with 'git clone --recurse-submodules -j8'. With 'git clone' you will pull only xgplayer code and its plugins.

$ git clone --recurse-submodules -j8 [email protected]:bytedance/xgplayer.git # OR git clone [email protected]:bytedance/xgplayer.git
$ cd xgplayer
$ npm install
$ npm run build:player
$ npm run dev

Then visit http://localhost:9090/examples/index.html


Welcome to use xgplayer! Please read the following terms carefully. Using xgplayer means that you accept and agree to the terms.

  1. Xgplayer is licensed under the MIT License. You comply with its obligations by default.
  2. By default, you authorize us to place your logo in xgplayer website, which using xgplayer. If you have any problem, please let us know.
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