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UniVRM is a Unity implementation of VRM. It can create, import and export VRM models.

VRM is a file format for using 3d humanoid avatars (3D models) in VR applications.
It is based on glTF2.0. Anyone is free to use it.

The imported VRM model has the following Data:



Stable Version

Versions without bug fixes will be picked up as stable versions.
To download the stable version, click the release tag (marked as Latest) as shown in the image below:

  1. Download UniVRM-0.xx.unitypackage
  2. Import UniVRM-0.xx.unitypackage into the Unity project

Latest Version

The latest version is marked as Pre-release:

  1. Go to the releases page
  2. Download the latest UniVRM-0.xx.unitypackage
  3. Import UniVRM-0.xx.unitypackage into the Unity project

Script Samples

Contributing to UniVRM

Use the commands below to clone UniVRM repository and then open the UniVRM folder by Unity.

$ git clone
$ cd UniVRM
# Update submodules such as MToon, etc.
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

See contributing guidelines.


Copy and paste the following git urls in Packages/manifest.json for UniVRM installation.
To upgrade/downgrade UniVRM version, for example, replace v0.66.0 with v0.71.0 or v0.63.2.

  "dependencies": {
    // ...
    "com.vrmc.vrmshaders": "",
    "com.vrmc.unigltf": "",
    "com.vrmc.univrm": "",
    // ...

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