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🎁 A reveal.js cli

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Based on reveal.js.

  • Easy to setup. No cloning repositories. No template files.
  • Markdown files as slides content.
  • Sync sliding between clients.
  • Auto reload when markdown file changes.
  • Speaker view.
  • Theme config.
  • Inline html.

Notable Markdown Syntax

  • Use \r?\n----\r?\n as horizontal slides separator.
  • Use \r?\n---\r?\n as vertical slides separator.
  • Use ^Note: as speaker notes separator.
  • Use <!-- .slide: data-background="#ff0000" --> to customize slide styles.
  • Use <!-- .element: style="width: 60%;" --> to customize element styles.
  • Use <!-- .element: class="fragment" --> to create fragment.

Basic Usage


npx @vivaxy/reveal server --markdown /path/to/

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Space: Next
  • Up, Down, Left, Right: Navigation
  • k, j, h, l: Navigation
  • f: Full-screen
  • s: Show slide notes
  • o: Toggle overview
  • . (Period, b, v or /): Turn screen black
  • Esc: Escape from full-screen, or toggle overview
  • alt + Left Click: Toggle zoom
  • p, n: Previous and next

Advanced Usage



Basic Usage
reveal server \
    --markdown ./ppt/ \
    --theme solarized \
    --highlight-theme solarized-light \
    --transition slide \
    --port 8080 \
    --watch \
    --separator '^\r?\n----\r?\n$' \
    --separator-vertical '^\r?\n---\r?\n$' \
    --separator-notes '^Note:' \
    --width 1440 \
    --height 900 \
    --log-level 2 \
    --script 'custom.js'
Name Type Required Default Description
--markdown string N/A markdown file
--theme string solarized reveal.js theme
--highlight-theme string solarized-light highlight.js theme
--transition string slide reveal.js transitions styles
--port number 0 server port
--watch boolean false reload when markdown changed
--separator string ^\r?\n----\r?\n$ horizontal slides separator
--separator-vertical string ^\r?\n---\r?\n$ vertical slides separator
--separator-notes string ^Note: speaker notes separator
--width number 1440 slide width
--height number 900 slide height
--log-level number/string 2 log output level
--script string '' insert custom script before head

URL Parameters


Used to print as pdf files.

Add ?print-pdf&showNotes=true, like:

Press Ctrl/Command + p to open print dialog.

Usually, print-pdf is used with showNotes, like


Show speakers notes.

Add ?showNotes=true, like:


node >= v12

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