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SecretAgent is a web browser that's built for scraping.

  • [x] Built for scraping - it's the first modern headless browsers designed specifically for scraping instead of just automated testing.
  • [x] Designed for web developers - We've recreated a fully compliant DOM directly in NodeJS allowing you bypass the headaches of previous scraper tools.
  • [x] Powered by Chrome - The powerful Chrome engine sits under the hood, allowing for lightning fast rendering.
  • [x] Emulates any modern browser - BrowserEmulators make it easy to disguise your script as practically any browser.
  • [x] Avoids detection along the entire stack - Don't be blocked because of TLS fingerprints in your networking stack.

Check out our website for more details.


npm i --save secret-agent


yarn add secret-agent


SecretAgent provides access to the W3C DOM specification without the need for Puppeteer's complicated evaluate callbacks and multi-context switching:

const agent = require('secret-agent');

(async () => {
  await agent.goto('');
  const title = await agent.document.title;
  const intro = await agent.document.querySelector('p').textContent;
  await agent.close();

Browse the full API docs.


We'd love your help in making SecretAgent a better tool. Please don't hesitate to send a pull request.



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