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Bench is a generic latency benchmarking library. It's generic in the sense that it exposes a simple interface (Requester) which can be implemented for various systems under test. Several example Requesters are provided out of the box.

Bench works by attempting to issue a fixed rate of requests per second and measuring the latency of each request issued synchronously. Latencies are captured using HDR Histogram, which observes the complete latency distribution and attempts to correct for Coordinated Omission. It provides facilities to generate output which can be plotted to produce graphs like the following:

Latency Distribution

Example Benchmark

package main

import (


func main() {
	r := &requester.RedisPubSubRequesterFactory{
		URL:         ":6379",
		PayloadSize: 500,
		Channel:     "benchmark",

	benchmark := bench.NewBenchmark(r, 10000, 1, 30*time.Second, 0)
	summary, err := benchmark.Run()
	if err != nil {

	summary.GenerateLatencyDistribution(nil, "redis.txt")

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