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Enables you to alter the heatmap(by spoofing in the number of logical cores) in taskmanager to draw bitmaps. No this will not magically give you more computing power. This will on work on the following task manager builds:

10.0.18362.1 - UNTESTED

Compiling & Executing

Make sure you have git and mingw-w64(x86_64,posix) setup properly. NOTE: This will only work with x64 mingw,install the x64 version of it.


Execute the following commands in CMD or PowerShell or in MYSYS2:

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd taskmanager

This will compile the injector and the dll as injector.exe and dllmain.dll respectively.


Launch the Task Manager and then run the injector.exe as admin. This should inject the dll into the Task Manager and spawn a console in Task Manager. If all the checks passes then, switch over to the Preformance tab and set the update speed to High by navigating to View>Update Speed in task manager. Switch over to Logical Processors in task manager by right clicking on the CPU graph and navigate to Change graph to > Logical Processors and it should display the bitmap. If the bitmap seems distorted, adjust the BlockWidth by using the commmands in the console untill all of the blocks in task manager are on the screen and make sure that it does not scroll.

If you encounter a problem with any part, you can find me on discord or simply open a issue.

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