Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

Open Source Monorepo

Delivering delightful digital solutions. Open Source Monorepo (of monorepos), semantically versioned following Conventional Commits. Fully powered by Lerna, Jest and Babel.



Non-scoped general purpose packages

pkg badges
all-module-paths npm cov
arr-includes npm cov
babel-preset-optimise npm cov
gitclone-cli npm cov
gitclone-defaults npm cov
glob-cache npm cov
ip-filter npm cov
jest-runner-docs npm cov
jest-runner-node npm cov
jest-runner-rollup npm cov
koa-better-body npm cov
parse-commit-message npm cov
parse-function npm cov
prettier-plugin-pkgjson npm cov
stringify-github-short-url npm cov
to-file-path npm cov


Scoped general purpose packages

pkg badges
@tunnckocore/create-jest-runner npm cov
@tunnckocore/execa npm cov
@tunnckocore/jest-runner-babel npm cov
@tunnckocore/jest-runner-eslint npm cov
@tunnckocore/package-json npm cov
@tunnckocore/pretty-config npm cov
@tunnckocore/utils npm cov

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